Reed Morano Responds to Rumors That She's Directing DC's Supergirl Movie

Reed Morano has finally responded to rumors that she's directing Warner Bros.' Supergirl movie. Though the future of Superman films is currently in question due to Henry Cavill’s reported exit from DC (though his agent and Warner Bros. have denied that anything is set in stone on that front), recent rumors have indicated that a big screen version of Supergirl is in the early stages of development.

Among these rumors is that Morano, who has directed episodes of both Billions and the highly acclaimed The Handmaid’s Tale (for which Morano won an Emmy n 2017), is currently Warner Bros.' frontrunner to direct the movie. This would certainly be in line with the studio’s recent track record of hiring female directors for female superhero adaptations, which includes Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman and Cathy Yan’s upcoming Birds of Prey film. Regardless, Morano and Warner Bros. have both remained quiet about the aforementioned speculation, until now.

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While speaking with Observer, Morano reveals that she initially laughed off the rumors that she’s directing Supergirl. She also recalls seeing a post on Twitter that fancast Elle Fanning (star of Morano's apocalyptic film I Think We're Alone Now) in the lead role of Kara, and says the two joked around about the idea. Beyond taking the rumor lightly, Morano denies ever being contacted by Warner Bros. or anyone associated with Supergirl, saying:

“It’s weird, we’ve gotten no calls. Someone made it up…but Elle would be an awesome Supergirl. It would be a really fucked up Supergirl and really cool.”

Supergirl Rebirth

Though Morano is denying any current involvement with Supergirl, if talks with Warner Bros. were actually happening, it’s just as likely the director would not reveal that publicly. However, it seems more likely at the moment that the rumor of Morano directing Supergirl was one created by someone who'd like to see that happen, and doesn't have a factual basis. Regardless, even if Warner Bros. doesn't have Morano on their radar, it’s completely plausible she could end up there at some point. Fans will simply have to wait and see.

Wherever DC ends up landing in regards to a director for Supergirl, the rumors surrounding the film’s plot are just as intriguing to consider. From unconfirmed speculation that the movie will be set in the 1970s to equally unsubstantiated reports that well-known Superman villain Brainiac will be stepping into the villain role, there's currently a lot of online discussion among fans concerning what is or isn't true regarding the project. That discussion is sure to continue until Warner Bros. actually offers up any concrete information on Supergirl's return to theaters.

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Source: Observer

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