Supergirl Movie Rumor: The Origin Story Is Set In The 1970s

Supergirl Rebirth

A 1970s setting may be where Supergirl decides to introduce the DCEU's Kara Danvers. One of the new DC projects that appears to be picking up steam at Warner Bros. is a solo movie for Supergirl. The studio hired writer Oren Uziel to get a script together for the movie earlier this year. WB also reportedly wants to find another female director to tackle their latest female-led movie, bringing names like Reed Morano into consideration.

Supergirl started to become a priority as Henry Cavill's future as Superman appeared to be in doubt. Reports over him leaving created a hectic several hours of back and forth regarding his status, ending with Cavill cryptically teasing exciting news. Whether he ultimately stays in the DCEU or not, we may now know how his cousin will be introduced.

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The Playlist reports that as of right now Supergirl is being conceived as a period piece with a likely 1970s setting. This would be an origin story for a teen Kara, but also make it impossible for Superman to appear. In the traditional comic book stories, both Kara and Kal-El left Krypton at the same time, but Kara didn't arrive on Earth for a few decades more. When she did, her baby cousin was all grown up and the superhero known as Superman, but that would all change with this approach. These are however early and unconfirmed reports on the story, and could change as the script is developed.

Obviously, this would be a major change to Supergirl's story and the Superman mythos. Supergirl being introduced in the 1970s would make her the first Kryptonian hero on Earth, instead of her cousin, and would theoretically make it so she could be a mentor to Superman. He's only suited up for a few years, but a 1970s introduction means Supergirl has been an active hero for close to 50 years by the time she's introduced in the present day. This would however raise questions, like where has she been for the last half-century, why don't people recognize the symbol, and why isn't she part of Superman's life?

Despite the questions, making Supergirl a prequel completely frees the film from having to answer those questions. Just like with Wonder Woman, it allows Kara to be introduced on her own and without worrying about the larger (and sometimes confusing) continuity of the DCEU. It would also continue a trend Wonder Woman began to give female heroes origin stories that are prequels to the larger universe. Marvel is doing the same thing with Captain Marvel taking place in the 90s, and even Black Widow is reportedly an origin story. But, since Supergirl is still very early on in development, the 70s setting may very well change.

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Source: The Playlist

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