Supergirl Movie Targeting 2020 Start of Production

Warner Bros. and DC Films are reportedly targeting an early 2020 start to production for their in-development live-action Supergirl solo movie.

Supergirl DC Comics

Warner Bros. and DC Films' in-development Supergirl solo movie is reportedly targeting an early 2020 start to production. The DC movie universe has shaken off a divisive start and now has had two hits in a row with Aquaman and Shazam!. The former, a Jason Momoa solo film for the underwater DC hero, is the highest-grossing in the entire franchise with over $1 billion, giving WB and DC confidence to announce more plans of their future. They've got two live-action DC movies coming in each of the next two years, and they have plans to do much more.

One of the properties that the studios are developing is a solo movie for Kara Danvers (aka Supergirl). Oren Uziel was hired to write the script for a solo film last year, and there have been plenty of rumors about Supergirl since then. The Kryptonian hero has become a larger priority for them since Henry Cavill's days of playing Superman could be in the past. Until a decision is made on his future - to either bring him back or recast - Supergirl is quickly being positioned to fill the Kryptonian-sized void.

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The latest update for Supergirl comes from Forbes, reporting that the movie could enter production in early 2020. With the film possibly starting production in the first quarter of next year, there is a relatively short window to assemble the cast and crew. As of right now, this is just one report, so take it with a grain of salt for the time being.

If Supergirl is indeed set to begin filming in early 2020, then it should only be a matter of time before we learn more information on the project. The film is currently without a director or any cast members, so the former will need to be a priority for WB and DC if this is their hope for Supergirl. WB and DC are said to want a female director to helm the solo movie, and previous rumors said that Reed Morano is someone the studio is eyeing to take that spot. For casting, there have been no reports on who could be up for the leading role, but that could also change quickly. It's even possible that a director and star could be announced at San Diego Comic-Con this summer.

As for what Supergirl will be about, there are no confirmed plot details at this point, but there are some intriguing rumors. One rumor has stated that the film will take place in the 1970s, which would be a significant change to Supergirl's usual origin story and mean that she's been on Earth, but out of sight for nearly the last 50 years. There has also been a rumor that Brainiac is going to be the main villain of the film.

In the big picture of the DC Universe, an early 2020 start for filming could put Supergirl on track for a 2021 release, joining The Batman and The Suicide Squad currently. It remains to be seen if this happens, though, but if this production timeline for Supergirl is correct, it won't be that long before these details are either confirmed or debunked.

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Source: Forbes

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