Supergirl Reveals Mon-El’s Legion of Super-Heroes Costume

Supergirl Mon-El Chris Wood Changing

Mon-El will be suiting up on The CW’s Supergirl and the network has revealed the hero’s monochromatic wardrobe in a brand new first-look image. Mon-El has, of course, made his return to Kara and the series after departing Earth following the events of the season 2 finale, when the Daxamite invasion was spoiled by Lena Luthor’s efforts to make the planet’s atmosphere uninhabitable to the alien race. But, in true comic book fashion, no one ever stays gone for too long, and Mon-El was even nice enough to bring along some of his friends to make his return extra special.

As it turns out, those friends are none other than the Legion of Super-Heroes, and like any team of extraordinarily powered beings, the group is fond of dressing spiffily when hanging out with one another and, you know, saving the universe. In the case of Supergirl, however, it means helping Kara Danvers with a problem in the form of Worldkiller Reign, who made her powers known just before the series went on hiatus for the holidays. And as the series is set to return on January 15 with its midseason premiere, aptly titled ‘Legion of Super-Heroes’, Mon-El is set to show off his new duds.

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The CW delivered the image today, revealing a dramatically different look for the character from his previous appearances in both comics and last anyone saw Mon-El on TV. The two-piece suit evokes a similar jacket-and-pants design seen across the Arrowverse, especially with regard to Green Arrow and the Flash, but Mon-El’s darker garb is also vaguely militaristic in its design, even sporting a Kryptonian-like shield in its stitching. The look, then, when coupled with the character’s well-manicured facial hair, brings to mind certain depictions of Zod in the pages of DC’s comic books.

Supergirl -- Pictured: Chris Wood as Mon-El -- Photo: © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

That isn’t the only character the image is reminiscent of, as the network’s reveal of Odette Annabel’s Reign costume used the same background of storm clouds and lightning above National City, and the color palette of the two costumes are also remarkably similar. We’ll have to wait and see how the Legion fare against Reign to find out if the similarities are anything more than a mere coincidence. Considering that Saturn Girl and the recently revealed Braniac 5 sport a similarly dark wardrobe, it appears this iteration of the Legion simply isn't into wearing the bright, eye-catching costumes of their comic book counterparts.

‘Legion of Super-Heroes’ fulfills something Supergirl has been hinting at since season 1, when a Legion flight ring was first spotted. Bringing the 31st century heroes to National City in time to aid in the fight against Reign seems like the perfect opportunity to introduce the new characters, and to emphasize the destructive power of the season’s Big Bad.

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Supergirl season 3 continues Monday, January 15 with ‘Legion of Super-Heroes’ @8pm on The CW.

Source: The CW

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