Supergirl Clips Introduce Miss Martian & Lynda Carter’s POTUS

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Supergirl is still adjusting to her new home on The CW, with a new status quo that's changing things up for friends, enemies and even career paths. Among the big changes yet to arrive are the debut of fan-favorite comics character Miss Martian, an alien superheroine set to be played by Sharon Leal, and former Wonder Woman Lynda Carter as the President of the United States. Both characters are expected to bring additional new dimensions to the series' sophomore season and provide CW's ever-growing "Arrowverse" with two more strong female characters.

Now, a pair of clips have been released showing off introductions for both characters.

The clips, both taken from the upcoming third episode of the season titled "Welcome to Earth," also shed light how both characters might fit into the second season's ongoing storyline about political and social unrest resulting from a growing backlash against aliens living on Earth. While the two new arrivals are not shown interacting, it's clear that they are both set to play a part in the ongoing narrative - though the plot of "Welcome" is mainly set to involve the actions of a newly-awakened Mon-El, the mysterious Kryptonian-like alien who arrived at the end of Season 1.

In the first clip, Martian Manhunter J'onn J'onzz pays a visit in his true alien state to what appears to be a countryside dive bar that caters to aliens, with several unusual-looking patrons being seen as the green-skinned superhero approaches the bar - only to have the bartender (Leal) appear oddly shaken at the sight of a Martian. In the context of the series, both J'onzz and Miss Martian had previously been operating under the impression that they were the last survivors of Mars. Left unrevealed: Whether or not Leal's Miss Martian will start out as a reformed White Martian like the comics, or whether she will be a Green Martian from the start.

In the second clip, Supergirl turns up at an airstrip rally to welcome the new U.S. President (Carter) only to end up saving her when an unseen attacker unleashes a volley of fireballs on the Secret Service. A subsequent scene features the President paying a visit to the DEO itself, where she gets into a heated exchange with J'onn about the benefits and risks of open immigration by aliens -- which she supports but he (despite being an alien himself) harbors grave concerns about.

Still unseen: Mon-El himself, whose post-coma exploits are expected to be the focus of the episode itself. The plot will also concern the search for an unknown alien troublemaker, whom both Mon-El and (presumably) Miss Martian will be suspected of being. How that will play out in relation to Supergirl herself and her new role as a reporter (also noted in the clips) will be keeping fans guessing until the next episode airs.

Supergirl continues with "Welcome to Earth" on on Monday, October 24 @8PM ET on The CW.

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