Supergirl Clip: Maxwell Lord Meets Reactron

Supergirl TV Series 2015 Melissa Benoist

The CW has its own DC Comics shared universe in Arrow and The Flash, set to expand early next year with Legends of Tomorrow, but the series' executive producer Greg Berlanti most recently brought fellow DC superhero Supergirl to life on CBS. The series premiered strong with a well-received pilot episode that debuted to 14 million viewers, and followed it up with a second episode that showed Supergirl could stand on her own in a world in which Superman exists.

Leading into its third episode, Supergirl will further expand its cast of characters by delving into “green tech billionaire” Maxwell Lord (Peter Facinelli) and the villain Reactron (Chris Browning). A new clip from the upcoming third episode of Supergirl, 'Fight or Flight,' shows Lord being forced to help Reactron.

Released by IGN, the clip (above) expands on the meeting between Lord and Reactron that was teased in the first two sneak peaks of the episode. When Reactron was first announced, he was said to be a Superman villain from Metropolis seeking revenge on the hero by attacking the Man of Steel’s cousin. However, before Reactron, a.k.a. Ben Krull, can face off against Supergirl, he needs help repairing his nuclear suit, leading the villain to capture Maxwell Lord in need of the billionaire's expertise.

In addition to introducing Reactron, 'Fight or Flight' will see the return of a silhouetted Superman to Supergirl, as well as the introduction of fellow Metropolis resident Lucy Lane (Jenna Dewan Tatum), the sister of Lois Lane, daughter of General Sam Lane and a previous acquaintance of James "Jimmy" Olsen (Mehcad Brooks). Given the previously released sneak peak of 'Fight or Flight,' it seems these Metropolis characters may be drawn to National City because Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) accidentally reveals Superman to be her cousin in her interview with Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart).

Supergirl TV Series 2015 Melissa Benoist

Although only two episodes into its first season, Supergirl has proven adept at using one-off villains to serve a larger purpose and storyline than their episodic arc. In the pilot, Vartox was simply one villain from the crashed Fort Rozz, opening up the larger threat that includes Kara's Aunt Astra (Laura Benanti), who used episode 2 villain Hellgrammite (Justice Leak) as a pawn in her plan to lure Supergirl. To this end, it seems Reactron will serve as a way to further connect Supergirl to the Superman mythos already existing in the show's universe, while also helping to develop Lord's presence in National City.

Lord has so far only appeared in episode 2 of Supergirl, and even then only for a short time on the news denouncing the hero's antics that led to an oil spill. Facinelli has said in the past that Lord is looking to save the Earth, but falls into the anti-superhero camp, which may explain why he seems willing to help Reactron. However, with so little known about how Lord will fit into Supergirl Season 1 going forward - such as whether his stance on National City's hero will change and what he plans to do to help save the Earth - his true nature remains to be seen.

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Supergirl continues Monday at 8pm with 'Fight or Flight' on CBS.

Source: IGN

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