Supergirl in Man of Steel 2 Rumors Have Been Debunked

Henry Cavill and Melissa Benoist Man of Steel

Turns out the rumors about Supergirl  joining the DCEU in Man of Steel 2 are much ado about nothing. Released in 2013, Man of Steel signaled the birth of a new era for DC Comics on the big screen, as relative newcomer Henry Cavill slipped comfortably into the guise of Clark Kent/Superman and helped the film soar to a smashing $668 million tally at the global box office.

But instead of going the traditional sequel route right away, director Zack Snyder parlayed Man of Steel's success into the first DCEU movie with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. And while the film earned an impressive $873.2 million globally, it was a critical disappointment and underwhelmed diehard fans – with one of the few bright spots coming with the blistering debut of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in the film climactic battle against Doomsday.

With Gadot and director Patty Jenkins leading the charge, Wonder Woman's winning ways carried through to the first solo movie featuring the Amazon warrior princess earlier this month – and with the film's record-setting debut, fans are naturally beginning to wonder what other empowering female superhero characters can join the DCEU. One superhero waiting in the wings to answer that call seems to be Supergirl, which is perhaps why an anonymous source divulged on the website that Snyder and DCEU producer Geoff Johns had written her into the story for Man of Steel 2which also featured Brainiac as the main villain.

?? That Ridiculous 4chan story about Supergirl in MOS 2 is NOT TRUE! So is everything else in this thread. RT??

— Umberto Gonzalez (@elmayimbe) June 19, 2017

But according to Umberto Gonzales, the rumors about Man of Steel 2 and other superhero films including Wonder Woman 2 simply weren't true. Gonzalez debunked the rumors in a tweet Sunday night.

This isn't the first time this year that Gonzalez has debunked rumors about the DCEU. In April, the reporter blasted an article about Oscar-winning director Robert Zemeckis being in talks to direct The Flash, saying that the director simply had a meeting about the film and that other helmers were being considered. A week later, Zemeckis seemed to take himself out of the running to direct The Flash when he signed up with Universal Pictures to direct a drama starring Steve Carell.

At present, Zemeckis is reportedly back in the running to direct The Flash, as is X-Men: First Class helmer Matthew Vaughn. Oddly enough, Vaughn was reportedly in the running to direct Man of Steel 2 earlier this year, but obviously nothing has panned out.

While it doesn't appear to be happening at this time, don't be surprised that Supergirl will appear in the DCEU at some point. With the justified demand for more female superheroes, look for the DC icon to join the film saga, and probably sooner than later.

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Source:  Umberto Gonzales

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