Supergirl: Starhaven's Comic Connections Explained


On this week's Supergirl, the main storyline revolved around the impish Mr Mxyzptlk (Peter Gadiot) as he attempted to seduce Kara (Melissa Benoist). However, that was far from the only thing happening, as this Valentine's Day-themed episode dealt with the love lives of Kara's friends and family at the same time. While Alex Danvers' (Chyler Leigh) relationship with Maggie (Floriana Lima) hit a very brief rough spot, Winn (Jeremy Jordan) met someone new: the ass-kicking alien, Lyra (Tamsin Merchant).

After Lyra saves Winn from a duo of particularly aggressive alien-bros at the bar, the two realize that they've got some serious chemistry, and Lyra ends up asking him out on a date that night. Winn, adorable as always, plans a fantastic date for the two of them, but is quickly derailed by Lyra's more... physical plans. By the end of the episode, the two have decided to give things a try, especially after Lyra is surprised to see that Winn is interested in more than just a one-night stand. It's a very small part of the episode, but it leaves the door open for a little more focus on alien characters, alien/human relationships, and Winn's personal life.

This little story arc also includes a mention of another planet: Starhaven. Lyra is from Starhaven, which excites Winn immediately, as he loves the things he has heard about this world. He's even translated some Starhaven writing, which impresses Lyra. She's less impressed that he hasn't heard that Starhaven is no longer an idyllic planet, having been affected by a blight that made the air "smell like death," This isn't the first time that Starhaven has been mentioned in the series; previously, Kara mentioned to Winn that she had visited there as a child. She remembers it as a beautiful paradise where the air smells like cinnamon (which is what inspired Winn's fascination with it). We've also met another Starhaven native in the season 1 episode "Truth, Justice and the American Way," in which a Fort Rozz escapee revealed that he was also from the planet.



Starhaven in the Comics

In the comic book universe, Starhaven is best known as the home of Dawnstar, a winged member of the Legion of Super-Heroes who can track anyone across the galaxy. It is also home to Wildstar, a member of the REBELS team (and an once of Dawnstar's ancestors). The planet is described as being very rural, with a culture similar to that of Native Americans' on Earth. This is because the planet was originally colonized by Native Americans, who were brought to it (and genetically altered) by aliens. Starhaven natives have wings, and are able to fly at great speeds and survive in space without any support systems (Dawnstar's tracking abilities are specific to her, not to her race). There is a large temple at the center of the civilization (a carved, Moai-style figure), as well as a Starhaven tradition of touring the galaxy when a child reaches maturity.


This is evidently a very different Starhaven to the one that we have been introduced to in the Supergirl universe. For one thing, neither of the Starhaven natives that we have seen so far have had wings, nor has Kara referenced that particular anatomical feature when talking about the planet. Lyra's physical appearance (somewhat Klingon-esque forehead and facial ridges) isn't something that we see on Dawnstar, either. Not even the cinnamon-scented air is common to both places. It seems that the only real part of comic book Starhaven that has made the jump from page to screen is the idyllic, nature-based culture.

Supergirl, Superman And The Legion Of Superheroes

One of the most interesting things about the multiple references to Starhaven in the show right now is the planet's connection to the Legion of Superheroes. Dawnstar was a member of the Legion, one of DC's best known teams (aside from the Justice League of America, of course!).

We do already know that the Legion exists in the Supergirl world in some shape or form, as she has a Legion ring in the Fortress of Solitude (seen in the season 1 episode "Solitude"). This may well have just been a fun little Easter Egg for fans of the comics, but it may also mean that a stronger Legion presence is going to show up at some point in the future. The team routinely pops back in time to the 'present day' in the comics, so it's very possible that a Legionnaire will appear for an episode or two before returning to their own time. This could even cross over with the reappearance of Superman (Tyler Hoechlin), which would be fantastic to see.


The Future Of Winn And Lyra

Lyra's appearance on Supergirl is predominantly a way to increase the number of aliens in the spotlight, and address some issues with a relationship that is sure to raise eyebrows. Lyra has already spoken about her expectation that Winn wouldn't want to actually spend time with her because she is obviously an alien, and this is sure to be a key part of their storyline as this relationship develops. At the same time, we're sure that the changes on Starhaven are going to hit Kara hard - not only is one of her favorite planets essentially destroyed, but she is so out of touch with the off-Earth community that she had no idea.

As for the Legion, as much as we would like them to appear at some point, we're guessing that Starhaven is going to stay firmly in Easter Egg territory. For now, anyway.

Supergirl continues with ‘Homecoming’ on February 27 @ 8 pm on the CW.

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