Supergirl: Former Wonder Woman Lynda Carter to Guest Star

Lynda Carter in Wonder Woman

With Supergirl turning into a big success for CBS, and Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman poised to make her mark on the DC film universe, it appears the world might be about to head into a female superhero renaissance. Of course, Kara Zor-El (Melissa Benoist) isn't the first heroine to bust up bad guys in the name of justice on the small screen. Back in the 1970s, ABC played host to a popular Wonder Woman series that starred Lynda Carter as the titular character. Carter's portrayal remains iconic to this day, with many holding the actress up as a pioneer for the current generation of female heroes. With that in mind, it seems fitting that Supergirl's producers have announced plans to cast Carter in a guest starring role.

Following a recent screening of the highly anticipated Supergirl-The Flash crossover episode, executive producers Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti let slip that not only do they plan to bring Lynda Carter into the fold but that they actually wanted to make her a part of season 1. Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts prevented that from happening. While Supergirl has yet to officially be renewed for a second season, recent reports have suggested the show is far more likely to return than not, and it's hard to imagine that Kreisberg and Berlanti would be publicly talking about plans for season 2 if they didn't have reason to believe that a pick-up will happen.

Assuming that Kriesberg and Berlanti's plans to recruit Carter proceed as expected, the former Wonder Woman is set to find herself playing a role possibly even more powerful: the president of the United States. There are no indications so far that Carter's POTUS will be in possession of any superpowers of her own, although one could argue that being the leader of the free world and commander-in-chief of the world's largest military force is more than enough power for any one person to have. Still, several characters on Supergirl have already turned out to not quite be the people Kara originally thought them to, so it's certainly not out of the realm of possibility that Carter's character will reveal herself to be more than meets the eye as well.

It's not entirely clear at what point in season 2 of Supergirl that Carter is likely to join the cast, or for how many episodes her presidential story arc will span. Either way, long-time comic fans will surely be in for a treat when the actress who brought to life the quintessential small screen superheroine of the '70s enters the modern DC TV landscape. Here's hoping she eventually busts out the lasso of truth on an unsuspecting member of congress.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8pm on CBS.

Source: EW

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