Supergirl: 'Luthors' Photos Highlight Lena & Lillian

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In DC comics, few names carry as much weight and power as Luthor. Despite facing aliens from all over the galaxy, creatures from parallel worlds, magic, monsters, and technology, Superman's arch-nemesis remains a human - Lex Luthor. Lex, who was first introduced in 1940, is sort of the anti-Batman. He's an incredibly wealthy and intelligent man who uses his money, power, and influence to do evil instead of good.

On Supergirl Lex Luthor is in prison and has not been seen. Instead, his sister Lena has been a frequent guest in season 2. Lena and Kara became friends fairly quickly, even though Kara was repeatedly warned about befriending a Luthor. Their relationship became more confusing when Kara learned that Lena's mother Lillian was the leader of Cadmus. Lena and her mother do not have a great relationship themselves, Lena believes that Lex was the favorite child and does not seem to agree with the rest of her family when it comes to the treatment of aliens. In fact, Lena betrayed her mother in the midseason finale, calling the police and preventing her from using the Medusa virus to commit genocide against the aliens on Earth. It certainly seemed like Lena had cemented herself as a friend of Supergirl's.

However, judging by the photos released from the upcoming Supergirl episode, 'Luthors', that friendship is probably going to be tested again. Lena goes to see her mother in prison, and while the younger woman's face is guarded, she does not seem to be pulling away. As for Lillian Luthor, something in those pictures is making her smile, probably more than a visit from her daughter. And Lillian is not the only person Lena visits in prison, one picture shows her with Metallo, the kryptonite in his chest causing her face to glow green.

Supergirl Luthors James Olsen Alex Danvers Kara
Supergirl Luthors Kara Danvers James Olsen
Supergirl Luthors Lena & Lillian Luthor
Supergirl Luthors Lena Luthor
Supergirl Luthors Lillian Luthor
Supergirl Luthors Metallo Lena Luthor
Supergirl Luthors Snapper Carr 2

The rest of the pictures also offer some clues to the episode. Including a rare occasion of Kara at the DEO as herself rather than Supergirl. Plus, James is getting a wound treated there before he and Kara have another fight, probably about him being Guardian. There's also a few shots of CatCo, promising the return of James' assistant Tess and Kara's boss Snapper Carr.

It's interesting to consider that James, Winn, and Alex all kept the truth about James being Guardian from Kara, but she still trusts and loves them. Yet, Lena Luthor has continually helped both Kara and Supergirl, and she still gets accusations and doubt, simply because she's a Luthor. Between constantly being mistrusted by so many people and her mother's influence, it's possible that Lena might turn to the dark side after all. Even if she does turn out to be good, it seems unlikely that she will ever completely have the trust of anyone besides Kara. Not to mention that everything Lena's done until this point might turn out to have been a con all along.

Supergirl continues with 'Luthors' on Monday, February 13 at 8pm on the CW.

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