Supergirl: Livewire Lights Up National City in New Photos

DC Comics Livewire

The CBS Supergirl TV series is really starting to amp things up. The show continues to delight viewers with its own incarnations of various DC Comics heroes and villains, as young Kryptonian Kara Zor-El takes up the mantle of a superhero to fight crime and defeat the dangerous aliens who escaped when their prison crash-landed on Earth.

In a few weeks one of the more interesting and original villains in the Superman universe, Livewire, will make her debut to cause trouble in National City. We have a peek at some new pictures of Livewire from the upcoming episode, as we take a brief look into her history in the comics, cartoons and television.

The stills (h/t Coming Soon) are from the November 23 episode of Supergirl, appropriately titled 'Livewire', and showcase Brit Morgan (True Blood) in her electrifying new role as the evil character. The images show Kara meeting with her foster mother (Helen Slater), as well as Livewire arriving at the offices of CatCo. That could be a scoop for Cat Grant, but it's a dangerous one.

The alias of Leslie Willis, Livewire first appeared in the Superman Animated Series tie-in comic a few months before making her debut in the animated series itself in September of 1997. She was later introduced into the continuity of mainstream comic books as well, in the pages of Action Comics #835 in March 2006. Livewire is one of the few DC Comics villains to share the distinction of having been created for the cartoons and transitioning later into the comic books and other media. The other character to successfully pull this off from the same era was Batman villain, Harley Quinn.

Supergirl Livewire screenshot 1

Supergirl Livewire screenshot

Supergirl Livewire screenshot

Supergirl Livewire screenshot

Supergirl Livewire screenshot

Supergirl Livewire screenshot

Livewire was created by Bruce Timm, and was originally voiced by actress Lori Petty (Tank Girl) in Superman: The Animated Series and the character's appearance on The New Batman Adventures. Livewire was one of the characters that was so popular that she was brought over to the Justice League animated series, which took place in the same continuity as Superman: The Animated Series. An alternate universe version of Livewire would also make an appearance in the recent Justice League: Gods and Monsters DC Universe Animated Movie.

Supergirl will actually be the second live-action appearance of Livewire in the Superman universe. The Season 8 episode of Smallville, titled 'Injustice', featured the wicked Leslie Willis, as she joined other villains in a makeshift team only to be unceremoniously killed by the end of the episode.

Livewire's awesome ability to control the forces of electricity and magnetism coupled with her vicious nature and nasty attitude have made her a fan favorite.  Hopefully this latest incarnation of the character will live up to her nearly 20 year strong reputation amongst DC Comics fans.

Supergirl will air the episode 'Livewire' on November 23, 2015, @ 8:00 PM on CBS

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