Supergirl & Mon-El Bask Under a Red Sun in New Clip

Supergirl Mon-El Chris Wood Changing

Despite the long history of dislike between their home planets, Supergirl and Mon-El have become close friends. The second season of Supergirl has dealt a lot with prejudice and discrimination, specifically between humans and aliens, so the relationship between Supergirl and Mon-El stands as an example of people learning to get past their preconceived notions. Mon-El especially has benefited from their relationship; Supergirl has acted as his guide on earth and now that he's developed a crush on her, he's inspired to be a better person. At times, he's even stepped up to be a hero.

Mon-El's home planet of Daxam was near Krypton, so near in fact that the destruction of Krypton destroyed Daxam as well. Because of their planet's similarities, Mon-El has some similar abilities to her. He heals fast, he is invulnerable, and he is super strong - though not as strong as Supergirl. His powers come from Earth's yellow sun, just like hers do.

Daxam has a red sun, like Krypton, and under a red sun, neither Kryptonians nor Daxamites have any super powers. That is the fate waiting for them in the midseason premiere, 'Supergirl Lives' on Monday. In a new clip released by The CW, they realize they are under a red sun and are unable to escape, leading Mon-El to wonder who is going to help them. Watch the full clip above.

Supergirl Mon-El Chris Wood Changing

Mon-El's last line is a haunting one. Generally, Supergirl is the one saving other people, sometimes with his help. When she is in danger, usually the DEO comes to the rescue. But the organization is on Earth, Supergirl and Mon-El are not. However, previously released photos indicate that Alex and Winn will figure out a way to get to Slaver's Moon (the planet with the red sun they are trapped on) for the rescue mission.

The clip starts with Mon-El saving Kara from an alien. He manages to knock the alien out without even realizing that he does not have his super-strength. The alien is a Maaldorian, an original species being introduced in this episode. Since the Maaldorians are not in the comic books, it has not been clear thus far whether they will be friends or foes; this attack does seems to indicate the latter. Though if Mon-El can punch one of them into unconsciousness without his super-strength, they may not be the most formidable opponents facing the heroes.

Supergirl will return to the CW with 'Supergirl Lives' on Monday, January 23 at 8 p.m.

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