Supergirl: Brenda Strong on Lillian Luthor’s Anti-Alien Agenda

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Supergirl (along with the rest of The CW's DC TV superheroes) is about to be briefly detoured from her main exploits to deal with an interdimensional alien assault in this week's big Invasion crossover. But soon enough the heroine will return to her more immediate problems, like the revelation that CADMUS is being run by Lillian Luthor - mother of Lex and Lena.

Supergirl's second season has made a habit of using much-promoted reveals as an opportunity to hide bigger, more surprising reveals in plain sight. Case in point: Episode 5 ("Crossfire") was mainly hyped as the moment where Alex Danvers would finally admit to herself she had stronger-than-friendly feelings for cop ally Maggie Sawyer, but the episode ended with the bombshell revelation that the previously-unnamed lady mad scientist (Brenda Strong) in charge of anti-alien paramilitary group CADMUS was Lillian Luthor.

Now, Strong has revealed to THR where Lillian's story will be headed next. Asked about what's next for the CADMUS storyline, Strong offered the following:

"I don't think any villains sees themselves as a villain. She sees an opportunity to right a wrong and she sees an imminent threat that she perceives other people aren't fully aware of. She's got two vendettas: her personal vendetta and then trying to protect the world from what she sees as imminent doom. When you have someone who is that single-mindedly focused, you can definitely cast dispersions on their characters because there are blind spots in that commitment. She has this mama bear instinct to annihilate this threat or protect [her children and the world], so we're exploring that in a profoundly beautiful way."

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The news adds a marked increase in complication to the series' web of character relationships and secret identities: It's not clear how much the (supposedly) non-evil Lena knows about her mother's activities, and what the connection will mean in regards to her friendships with Kara and Supergirl - whom she has not yet learned are the same person (at least as far as we know thus far.)

In the same interview, Strong reveals that the next specific step in Lillian Luthor's plan will involve an alien-targeting virus called "Medusa," which newly-unveiled villain Cyborg Superman was dispatched to steal information about from The Fortress of Solitude in the last most-recent episode. The storyline will pick up in the next installment (also titled "Medusa") which will also serve as an intro to the Invasion storyline.

Supergirl airs Mondays on The CW.

Source: THR

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