Supergirl’s Lexosuit Makes Its Live-Action Debut

- Spoilers for the most recent episode of Supergirl - 

Lex Luthor's Lexosuit was seen in action in "For Good", the most recent episode of Supergirl. For the last few weeks Kara and the DEO have been focused on Reign, whose true identity is unknown and who they have struggled to defeat. While last week they learned that other Worldkillers were on Earth, this week's episode largely took a break from the bigger threat to focus on some old foes. Namely Morgan Edge and Lillian Luthor.

"For Good" resurrected the feud between Edge and Lena Luthor, with the two once more trading barbs and insults before accusing each other - not without reason - of attempting to kill each other. The difference this time was that Lena was innocent of the crime Edge accused her of - hacking his car to murder him. Edge of course denied his own guilt in Lena's poisoning, though he was not so innocent. When Lena realized her mother was actually the one behind the attack on Edge and that another one was planned, she took matters into her own hands and protected Edge - after getting a recorded confession from him. Little did she know that Lillian had one more trick up her sleeve.


When Lillian realized that Lena had a different plan for Edge, she showed that she had a Plan B in the works, and within moments she was wearing the Lexosuit - which was first seen in the episode "Luthors" nearly a year ago but has never been worn or used by anyone on the series. A few seconds of footage from the ensuing fight scene between Lillian, Supergirl, and Mon-El was shared on Twitter by Flip_Speed.

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