Supergirl Promo Reveals Lex Luthor's Warsuit

Lex Luthor War Suit Supergirl

The CW's Supergirl has spent much of its sophomore season introducing and developing new characters, whether they be new heroes like Guardian or new adversaries like Lillian Luthor. One of the show's most fascinating recurring characters has been Lena Luthor, adopted daughter to Lillian and sister to the infamous Lex. Lena, who has a chip on her shoulder about her family's sullied name, has worked with Supergirl to do good, going so far as to help imprison her own mother.

Next week could bring about a change in Lena's morals, however, as the show's upcoming episode 'Luthors' promises to focus on her family's nefarious legacy. A synopsis for the episode indicates Lena will be implicated in the release of her mother and villain Metallo -- and it's unclear, despite Kara's assertions, whether or not she is actually innocent. Tonight's promo for 'Luthors' further blurred the line between good and bad, and revealed a familiar weapon from the Superman comics.

The promo offers glimpses at Lena, Lillian, and Metallo, as well as a confrontation between Kara and James concerning Lena's innocence. Around the 10 second mark, you'll also notice Lex Luthor's Warsuit, a complex piece of alien technology that means bad news for our protagonist. You can see the trailer in full, above.

Lex Luthor War Suit Supergirl

There are many iterations of Luthor's Warsuit across the comics, but it seems likely that the show will use a Kryptonian version engineered by Lex using Luthor Corp technology. Whether that means we will finally see Lex is unclear, as he has heretofore been imprisoned off-screen. His imprisonment led his mother Lillian to form Cadmus, and anti-alien organization bent on destroying Supergirl, in the late first and early second seasons.

It's definitely time for Supergirl to face some fresh villains, so if this means Lex will enter the picture, we're excited. Not only would that lead to further character development for Lena, who tried desperately to bring out the good in her brother before his imprisonment, it would also mean some great tech-powered battle scenes were in store. Whether or not Lex enters the Supergirl world, though, fans are already buzzing over this episode. Many are excited to see secondary favorite Lena get her day in the sun -- and it looks like things are about to get intense, if that shot of Kara nearly lasering Lillian to pieces is any indication.

This promo provides all the more reason to get excited for next week, and after that it's not long before Supergirl's epic musical crossover with The Flash. If Berlanti and his writers can keep on with the fresh material for the next few months, this heartfelt, action-packed series could really finish strong this spring.

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Supergirl airs Mondays at 8pm EST on The CW.

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