Supergirl: Lena Luthor Actor Wants Bruce Willis to Play Lex

Supergirl actor Katie McGrath talks Lena Luthor and Supergirl, and reveals that she would love to see Bruce Willis play Lex on the show.

Supergirl Lena Luthor Katie McGrath

Supergirl is a show that is as much about the relationships between characters as it is about the titular hero taking down alien threats -- and in the run up to the season finale, it looks like this is going to remain a major focus. Season 2 has already seen Winn (Jeremy Jordan) get his heart broken by a gorgeous con-artist alien, involved plenty of ups and downs between Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and Mon-El (Chris Wood) and of course, told the incredible story of Alex's (Chyler Leigh) coming out and new relationship with Maggie (Floriana Lima).

It's not all romantic relationships, however. Supergirl's friendships are a huge part of the show, especially with potential enemy-in-waiting, Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath). Earlier this month, Benoist spoke about the 'special bond' that the two women share, and they will be a major focus for upcoming episode 'Ace Reporter' as well. Now, McGrath talks about her character on the show, possible evil future, and who she would love to see appear as Lex Luthor.

In an interview with TVLine, the actor talked in depth about how close Lena and Kara are, and reveals that whatever happens in the next episode, their friendship is too strong to be derailed by a single falling-out. However, one of the more interesting answers that McGrath gives in the interview is to the question "What's your dream casting for Lex?"

"One episode? Bruce Willis, the most amazingly, good-looking, bald man there ever is... He’s delicious. He’d be a good Lex."

Bruce Willis in Die Hard 5

The suggestion is, of course, not an entirely serious one -- although there is little doubt that McGrath's appreciation for the famously bald actor is sincere. Willis certainly bears a strong physical resemblance to the famous Superman villain, who is of similar stature in the books, and known for his bald dome.

As well as the lack of hair, Bruce Willis would also have more than enough action experience, and while he is predominantly known for his work on the big screen, the actor has made a few cameos on sitcoms in the past. However, there is one major issue with Willis as Lex to McGrath's Lena -- his age. In previous episodes of the show, we have seen the two half-siblings in flashbacks, where they are very close in age. That is certainly not the case for Willis and McGrath, with the action hero in his sixties and McGrath in her thirties. Perhaps Willis would be a more appropriate choice for their father, Lionel Luthor (if he were not already being played by Ian Butcher in flashbacks).

Of course, McGrath's answer is a "dream casting" hypothetical, and shouldn't be taken as any kind of hint of things to come. The character of Lex also may not appear on the show, as he is currently imprisoned, and is unlikely to be released anytime soon. Instead, fans can look forward to seeing more of Lena on the show, and continuing to speculate on whether she will remain a friend to Kara, or become an enemy of the Super-family like her brother.

Supergirl returns Monday, April 24 with ‘Ace Reporter’ at 8pm.

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Source: TVLine

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