The Legion Battle Reign in Supergirl Midseason Return Extended Trailer

Supergirl is trapped inside a “mind prison” following her first encounter with Reign, but Mon-El and the Legion of Super-Heroes are ready to lend a hand in the new midseason premiere trailer. The Girl of Steel will be the first in The CW’s DCTV lineup to return, but it will only do so for a few weeks, as Legends of Tomorrow is set to take Kara’s time slot in early February. That means Kara only has four episodes with which to recover from her current situation and, presumably, take the fight to the would-be Worldkiller. Until then, its seems like the members of the Legion will be working to keep National City (and the planet) safe from the season’s Big Bad.

The Supergirl midseason premiere has a lot on its plate, as evidenced by the new extended trailer. It not only brings Mon-El back, but also brings Braniac 5 (Jesse Rath) and Saturn Girl (Amy Jackson) to the frontlines, as the long-teased Legion of Super-Heroes finally make their Arrowverse debut. With Kara out of commission, Brainiac 5 ventures into her mind to try and coax her back into action. Meanwhile, Reign appears to be pulling a real General Zod-like move, making her presence known while the city’s designated protector is ostensibly down for the count.

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Obviously, Kara won’t be down for long. As the trailer demonstrates, the physical injuries she sustained in her confrontation with Reign aren’t necessarily what’s holding her back. Instead, as Braniac 5 says, “The only thing keeping you here is you.” So it seems Kara’s first-round defeat at the hands of Reign not only dinged her pride, but may also have had some psychological effect, forcing her to confront her fears in heroic fashion.

Odette Annable Supergirl

Putting the Girl of Steel on ice allows the series to shift its focus from the inevitable clash between her and the Worldkiller, while also affording the show a chance to put the Legion of Super-Heroes in the spotlight — at least long enough to justify the episode’s title. The Legion seem confident in their abilities, even if Hank Henshaw doubts their chances without Supergirl by the team’s side. Given how handily Reign “vanquished the daughter of the house of El” the 31st century heroes may indeed be in over their heads.

With Supergirl’s schedule being broken up to accommodate Legends of Tomorrow, it will be interesting to see how the next four episodes of the season play out. It would be hard to believe that Reign’s arc will be completed in four short weeks, so will we see an escalation of her attacks that leads to a cliffhanger until April? We’ll have to wait to know for sure. For now, it will be worth it to watch as the Legion attempt to fill in for an absent Supergirl.

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Supergirl continues January 15 with ‘Legion of Super-Heroes’ @8pm on The CW.

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