Supergirl: Is The Legion of Super-Heroes ‘On Its Way’?

Supergirl star Melissa Benoist talks about the Legion ring revealed in the fortress of solitude and seeing the Legion in the show's future.

Legion of Superheroes Ring Supergirl

Supergirl season 2 wrapped up this week with the emotional episode 'Nevertheless, She Persisted'. It was a finale that brought back some favorite characters, like Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart), and bid a fond farewell to others. As usual, the finale also set up a hint of a big bad to come in future; Reign. It's less of a cliffhanger than the season 1 finale, but it still does a lot to get fans excited for the show's return this fall.

There's plenty more to look forward to than just a new alien big bad in season 3, though. The relationship between Alex (Chyler Leigh) and Maggie (Floriana Lima) continues to move forward, and it looks like there will be season 3 wedding bells for these two. Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) also has her work cut out for her getting over the big loss of the finale, and at some point Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath) is bound to discover her secret identity. And now, in addition to all that, it looks like the Legion of Super-Heros may also be joining the fray.

Talking to TVLine, Melissa Benoist reveals that there are some plans for the Legion to appear in the show, although she won't reveal a specific timeframe:

"The Legion Ring, I believe, is on its way — but I don’t know exactly when."

The site also provided a little more information about the return of Cat Grant, whose reappearance in the final two episodes seemed to set her up for a bigger role next year. As TVLine reports, Flockhart won't be coming back to the series full-time, but she still plans to make a"handful of guest appearances" in season 3.

Supergirl Resist Cat Grant Calista Flockhart

The Legion has already been hinted at in the show, in the season 1 episode 'Fortress'. When Kara visited Superman's Fortress of Solitude, she walked past a Legion ring on a plinth. It's a tiny Easter egg, but one that eagle-eyed fans picked up on almost immediately. The Legion flight ring also appeared briefly in The Flash.

Benoist's comment seems to confirm that the Legion are on the way -- and that these teases are not just meaningless Easter eggs for comic fans. However, there is no way of knowing how far in advance The CW is planning their DC Universe, so the appearance of the Legion could be a long way off still. There's also no hint of how big a role the Legion would be playing in the show -- this could be a major event, even one with spinoff potential, or it could be like the Justice Society's appearance in Legends of Tomorrow: a minor detour for the main team.

The news about Cat Grant is also interesting -- Flockhart left the show after Supergirl moved to The CW, and filming moved from Los Angeles to Vancouver. Because of the filming location, it makes sense that Cat wouldn't be back to the show full time, but it will be fantastic to see her appear more regularly throughout the upcoming season, should her schedule permit it.

Supergirl will return for season 3 in the fall on The CW.

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Source: TVLine 

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