Supergirl & Legends of Tomorrow Fans Petition Against Timeslot Change

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Fans are definitely not happy about The CW's 2018 midseason 2018 premiere dates, petitioning against Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow sharing the same timeslot, only alternating with each other. The current schedule will force Supergirl to take an eight-week break mid-season to give Legends ample time to roll out their remaining episodes.

The switch stems from the arrival of The CW's newest superhero series, Black Lightning, which will take over Legends' original Tuesday night slot following The Flash. The broadcasting station actually released their 2018 midseason return dates for their slate last month, but left Legends' slot up in the air until they confirmed the new set-up late last week. While many expected that the ensemble Arrowverse series will move to Monday nights, people thought that it would take the 9-10 pm block instead of actually taking over Supergirl's 8-9 pm place.


The online petition, spearheaded by a user with the handle TheDCTVshow on, argues his/her point about how ridiculous it is to take Supergirl off the air for a significant amount of time just to make way for another Arrowverse show. He/she contends this could have been prevented if it was ironed out long before the confirmation of their 2018 midseason schedule. The appeal currently has more than 3,000 supporters and it continues to gain traction as days go by. Read the petitioner's full message below:

Today it was revealed that Legends of Tomorrow will replace Supergirl at its Monday timeslot from February 12th til April 16th. In response to this we the fans are calling for Supergirl to not be changed or Legends of Tomorrow to be moved to another night.

To have a 9 week break to let another show have its time is obsurd and it will tarnish the shows viewer ratings as it will be off for over two months and a lot of people will wonder if the show has been cancelled or moved elsewhere.

This is a petition to try and fight for whats right.

Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes

It may seem to be such a small thing to launch an online campaign right away. After all, fans will still be treated to regular Arrowverse content until summer. But it's also not difficult to understand fans' (specifically those exclusive to Supergirl) perspective on the matter, especially with Supergirl's current narrative starting to build towards its climax with Reign finally unleashed and the Legion of Super-Heroes coming to play. Last week's midseason finale saw Kara fighting for her life after being beaten by this season's big bad, during their one-on-one. While we expect the Girl of Steel will be back on her feet very soon, what's more intriguing is the tease of the Legion of Super-Heroes coming forward to safeguard National City while Supergirl is out of commission.

It will be interesting to see whether The CW will cave in on the fan campaign or not, but as of now, the reschedule seems to be staying in place.



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