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Kevin Smith is becoming a regular visitor to Vancouver, the main hub for production on The CW's various television shows. Last year he directed an episode of The Flash and this season he returned to direct another episode, 'Killer Frost'. He followed that up by directing an episode of Supergirl titled 'Supergirl Lives', and before that episode even aired, he was invited back to direct the 17th episode of the season.

Smith is a known comic book fan. He even owns a comic book store and has a reality show, Comic Book Men. So when he gets the opportunity to direct episodes of Arrowverse shows, he gets pretty excited about it. Generally he likes to reach out to fans with pictures of himself on set or with actors and aliens. For his previous Supergirl episode, Smith revealed a photo of himself with a few Maaldorians, an original species introduced in the episode. It was a fun tease that didn't really spoil too much of the story, but was certainly enough to get fans excited. And it looks like Smith has taken to Instagram and done it again.

Smith's latest post is from a new set with episode writers Anna Musky-Goldwyn and Gabe Llanas. The room appears to be a sort of alien throne room, one that has not been seen before. Smith captioned the photo with praise for the writers, production designer Tyler Harron, and the script. Additionally, Musky-Goldwyn posted her own photo from the same set, but with two actors rather than Llanas and Smith. Take a look at both photos:

Every ep of @supergirlcw begins with a spectacular script - and the episode I'm nominally directing this month was written by these fine folks from the @supergirlwriters, @amgfitlife & @professorllanas! They're sitting in a room they wrote! What was once their words has been made manifest in wood, steel & styrofoam! #KevinSmith #supergirl #daxamite #supergirlseason2 #tylerharron

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Workout buddies for the day ?‍♂️ #Supergirl #season2 #comeatus

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Judging by Smith's hashtags, this appears to be a Daxamite throne room. Near the end of Smith's previous episode there was a strong indication that Mon-El might not be the servant to the Prince that he claimed to be, but actually the Prince of Daxam himself. If that is true, perhaps this room is where we will finally meet his parents.

Something else to consider is the recent casting of Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo as a villainous couple. They both are scheduled to appear in multiple episodes, and have not been seen yet, so it's very possible they will appear in Smith's episode. And Sorbo previously mentioned that their characters were from a planet that was " arch-rival planet of Krypton, which is now of course destroyed.” That certainly seems to imply Daxam. So maybe Hatcher and Sorbo will be the ones sitting in those thrones.

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Supergirl continues on The CW with 'Homecoming' at 8pm February 27.

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