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Because she looks so human, not many people in her life know Kara Danvers is an alien. Until you see her fly, lift a car, or shoot heat from her eyes, it can be easy to forget where she is really from. Not every alien on Supergirl is able to blend in so easily, though. Kara's friend and mentor J’onn J’onzz can only blend in by using his Martian powers to disguise himself as someone else. And other aliens are forced to hide from the people of the world they live on as well.

The writers on Supergirl have explored this concept in depth in the first half of season 2. The characters discovered an alien bar where otherworldly beings can be themselves without facing discrimination. Politicians, including President Olivia Marsdin (Lynda Carter), have gotten involved in the fight for alien equality. Because of this, we have seen many different species of aliens on Supergirl recently, though not all of them have been identified. So it is no surprise to see a new species of alien about to make an appearance in the midseason premiere, 'Supergirl Lives'.

Fans eager to get a look at the new characters won't have to wait until the episode premiere; Smith posted a picture of himself posing with the aliens, who he identified as Maaldorians, on Instagram.

These Maaldorians are gently urging me to remind you that ONE WEEK FROM TODAY, the episode of @supergirlcw I directed takes flight! I'll be LiveTweeting during the show and doing an FB Live afterwards so I can geek out over this outer space ep with you! So I'll see y'all in #NationalCity next week! #KevinSmith #supergirl #dccomics #thecw

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The Maaldorians are not only new to the show Supergirl, they are a completely original species. With no specific ties to the comic books, that means the writers had free reign to imagine the species abilities, weaknesses, and history. So while this picture certainly makes them look aggressive, that might not be the case at all.

Since 'Supergirl Lives' is largely set on the alien planet of Slaver's Moon, and deals with aliens being used as slaves, it is possible the Maaldorians are actually a kind species who have been captured, or a cruel species who are the captors. They might even be both, forced to do harm to the other alien prisoners in order to survive.

Physically, they have a reptilian appearance, almost as though they are related to lizards or even dinosaurs. That could mean they have traits that are associated with reptiles, such as being cold blooded, or their scales might offer them some protection from the outside environment. It may only be because of the red sun, but Slaver's Moon looks like a pretty harsh place to live.

In his Instagram post, Smith also promised to live tweet the episode, so perhaps there will be extra insights to this new species in his tweets.

Supergirl returns to the CW with 'Supergirl Lives' on Monday, January 23 @8pm.

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