The 2015 line-up of comic book shows is about to get a lot busier with the addition of Daredevil, Supergirl and A.K.A. Jessica Jones, and talk of more projects in development – including Fox’s take on Lucifer and a DC spinoff series with Firestorm and the Atom from The Flash and Arrow. (Not to mention, the new PlayStation series Powers just debuted this week.)

A.K.A. Jessica Jones and Supergirl have been steadily adding cast members as they continue production and we’ve already seen Melissa Benoist kitted out in her Supergirl outfit for the new CBS show. Krysten Ritter probably won’t have a similar uniform as Jessica Jones, since she plays a former superheroine who has given up the life of capes and tights in order to become a private detective, but there’s always the possibility of flashbacks.

Now new set photos of both Benoist and Ritter in their street clothes as Kara Danvers and Jessica Jones have now emerged as filming takes place for Supergirl in Los Angeles and for A.K.A. Jessica Jones in New York City.

Kara Danvers might secretly be a super-powered alien from the planet Krypton, but in her day-to-day life she has to serve as personal assistant to Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart), head of media conglomerate CatCo. As seen in the above photos, Kara’s job not only requires her to wear the magic glasses of anonymity also sported by her famous cousin, but it’s likely that the coffee and magazines she’s fetching aren’t for herself.

Further set photos posted on fansite offer include a few shots of Mehcad Brooks out of character (but possibly in costume) as Jimmy Olsen. He doesn’t look much like the ginger, freckly, bowtie-wearing, somewhat dweeby young photojournalist from the comics, but perhaps it’s just the shades making him look cool.


Supergirl TV Show Suit Superman Details Supergirl & A.K.A. Jessica Jones Set Photos Reveal Character Costumes

A.K.A. Jessica Jones has been filming for several weeks now and we’ve already seen set photos of Ritter in costume as the former superheroine. So far it looks like she prefers dressing down in jeans and dark clothes, perhaps to avoid unwanted recognition, and that costume theme is continued in new set photos over at The Daily Mail.

Jessica also looks like she’s having a bit of a bad day, sporting cuts to her face and hanging out on top of a dumpster. As far as we know Jessica will still have her superhuman abilities, so it would take something pretty formidable to knock her about in a fight.


AKA Jessica Jones Netflix Supergirl & A.K.A. Jessica Jones Set Photos Reveal Character Costumes

Supergirl is being produced by Arrow and The Flash showrunners Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, though there’s no confirmation yet as to whether or not it will cross over with those two shows; elsewhere, A.K.A Jessica Jones was developed by Melissa Rosenberg (Dexter). The latter show will also introduce Mike Colter as Luke Cage, whose own Netflix series will follow some time after A.K.A. Jessica Jones.

Supergirl will air on CBS and A.K.A. Jessica Jones will release on Netflix, with both shows set to premiere in 2015.

Source:, Daily Mail (via CBM)

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