Jeremy Jordan Announces His Return for Supergirl Season 5

Broadway Superstar Jeremy Jordan has confirmed that he'll be returning for season 5 of Supergirl. Jordan will be reprising the role of Winslow "Winn" Schott Jr. after leaving the series following season 3.

The first person to whom Kara Danvers revealed her secret identity, Winn Schott was an information technology technician at CatCo Worldwide Media and Kara Danvers' best friend at work. He designed Kara's first Supergirl costume and continued to aid her in the battle for Truth, Justice and the American Way as best he could, usually by monitoring the news and covering for Kara with her boss, when she had to step out as Supergirl. Winn left CatCo in season 2 for a position with the Department of Extranormal Operations (DEO), where he continued to help Kara by building the specialized equipment she needed to fight various alien menaces. When Jordan left the series at the end of season 3, Winn traded places with Legion of Super-Heroes member Brainiac 5, traveling 1000 years into the future to act as their science and technology expert.

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Jordan announced his return on his personal Instagram account. The post, which can be viewed below, included a meme taken from an episode where Kara, Winn and the rest of their friends went out to a karaoke bar together. Jordan also joked that Winn didn't really travel 1000 years into the future - just one season.

Jordan's return is the latest in a series of cast changes that have rocked Supergirl heading into the Crisis on Infinite Earths event. Coincidentally Mehcad Brooks, who's played the role of James Olsen since the pilot, announced his intention to leave the series at some point during the upcoming season. It's unknown if he and Jordan will have a reunion before his departure, but it would be fitting given the close relationship between their characters during Supergirl seasons 2 and 3, where Winn acted as "the man in the van" when Olsen adopted the identity of the Guardian and became a vigilante protecting National City in secret when he wasn't acting as CatCo's CEO.

It remains to be seen just how Winn will be returning to action in the 21st century during the upcoming season of Supergirl. It seems likely, however, that his return will tie into Crisis on Infinite Earths, and that Winn will return to join his friends in the battle to save all of reality. It also seems likely he'll bring some of his friends in the Legion of Super-Heroes along for the ride.

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Supergirl season 5 premieres October 6 on The CW.

Source: Jeremy Jordan/Instagram

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