Supergirl 'Homecoming' Clip Stages an Action-Packed Rescue

Supergirl Manhunter and Dean Cain

Supergirl may be the freshman series in the CW's Arrowverse, but it won't be for long. Soon, Black Lightning will take that spot, and Supergirl will head into its third season. Even before it does so, however, it's already proven to be a true part of the team. Though Kara Zor-El may exist on an alternate Earth from the rest of the shows, she still joins forces with her fellow superheroes when necessary. Last season's "World's Finest" saw her gleefully team up with The Flash, and they'll be reuniting for an upcoming bout against the Music Meister.

Meanwhile, Kara joined her fellow heroes on Earth One last year for the biggest crossover event yet as all of the Arrowverse faced the alien threat of the Dominators. While the late move from CBS to the CW prevented Supergirl's schedule from accommodating a proper part of the crossover, the producers of the Arrowverse already have plans for a true four-show event next season. In the meantime, Kara has plenty of her own issues to face, even after dispatching Mr. Mxyzptlk last week. "Homecoming," which airs tonight, will see Kara and Alex finally rescue their father Jeremiah (Dean Cain) from Cadmus' clutches.

Thanks to a new video compiled by YouTube user The Flash 4K, which you can view above, we've got a look at some of the action and downtime of the episode. The first clip shows an exciting action scene directed by Larry Teng pitting Kara's heat vision against some Cadmus forces. The following scene takes place at Kara's apartment where she and her family have finally reunited. It not only allows Cain to finally open his character up, but Alex is able to introduce her dad to her new girlfriend in a touching way.

Supergirl Manhunter and Dean Cain

Of course, it won't be all good times now that Jeremiah is back. The promo for the episode teased the idea that he may not be who he seems, and those questions may just tear apart the Danvers family. The episode promises to be a tense one, but Cain is likely to remain in some fashion. For one, his Lois & Clark co-star, Teri Hatcher, is scheduled to appear later in the season as a villain, and the producers of Supergirl have a plan for the two actors to share a scene.

Both Supergirl and The Flash have followed in Smallville's footsteps by honoring past DC TV and movie actors. Even Arrow paid tribute to a more recent Superman by casting Brandon Routh as The Atom. Behind the camera, Supergirl will continue by bringing back Kevin Smith, the man who almost directed Nicolas Cage in Superman Lives! He'll be directing yet another episode of the series that will see the team visit an alien throne roomSupergirl may exist on its own Earth, but it's certainly doing the most to expand its reach beyond our planet.

Supergirl airs tonight with ‘Homecoming’ @ 8 pm on the CW.

Source: The Flash 4K

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