Supergirl & The Flash Musical Episode Arc Will Have ‘Great Impact’

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The CW has become well known for its DC Comics television universe with Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl as some of the network's most well-liked series. In fact, the four-show Heroes vs. Aliens crossover that premiered in early December earned The CW its highest weekly ratings in six years as one storyline kicked off on Supergirl, continued through The Flash and Arrow, before concluding on Legends of Tomorrow.

However, while The CW has made it clear these mega-crossovers will likely remain an annual occurrence, there is another crossover event planned for this season - a two-episode The Flash and Supergirl musical crossover expected to premiere in February. Aside from the crossover arriving around episodes 13 of the shows' respective seasons - and the more recent confirmation Batman: The Brave and the Bold villain Music Meister will appear - little is known about the musical event. Now, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg teases the musical's impact on the stories of The Flash and Supergirl.

Speaking to TVLine, Kreisberg said the two-parter won't standalone among each show's seasons, and will occur when both Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) and Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) are at "pivotal crossroads" in their lives. Kreisberg even went so far as to compare the musical two-parter to standout episodes from Joss Whedon's beloved Buffy the Vampire Slayer series:

What I always loved about what Joss Whedon would do with [Buffy’s] 'Hush' or 'The Body' is he’d have these very special episodes, but they were intrinsic to the ongoing storytelling. So when we get to the musical episodes, both Barry and Kara will find themselves at pivotal crossroads on their respective series, and the experience of going through the musical will have a great impact on both series moving forward.

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Now, the comparison to Whedon's work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer is especially interesting since one of the series' most well-received episodes is its musical in season 6, 'Once More, with Feeling'. And, shortly after the initial annoucement of The Flash and Supergirl's musical event, it was rumored Whedon would direct both episodes for The CW - though neither the fan-favorite writer/director nor anyone involved in either Supergirl or The Flash have confirmed the report.

The same report, however, stated Music Meister would be the villain - and that portion has since been confirmed. That initial Whedon rumor, in addition to Kreisberg name-dropping him when talking about the musical episodes, seems to hint The CW may have in fact approached the Buffy director to helm their first foray into musical superheroes. But, as with any rumor, fans will need to wait for official confirmation to know for sure what to expect from The Flash and Supergirl's musical episodes.

In addition to confirming Music Meister will appear in the musical event, Arrowverse executive producer Greg Berlanti recently offered an update on the progress of the two-part episode, saying they were polishing off the script and would be casting the villain next. It's likely the shows already have a director - or directors - lined up, but it may be the case that Berlanti and Kreisberg are waiting to firm up all the important roles in the episodes before making any official announcements. No matter what, with The Flash and Supergirl's musical two-parter expected to air next month, it may not be long before we learn more concrete details about the crossover event.

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Supergirl season 2 returns with ‘Supergirl Lives’ Monday January 23 at 8pm on The CW. The Flash returns with ‘Borrowing Problems from the Future’ on Tuesday, January 24th at 8pm on The CW.

Source: TVLine

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