Supergirl Finale: 5 Things That Brought Us Closure (and 5 That Didn’t)

So, the fourth season of Supergirl is over. Did the finale answer our questions and leave us satisfied, or did it just leave us wondering?

Supergirl has officially wrapped its fourth season, as the Girl of Steel (Melissa Benoist) took on the villainous Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer) once and for all. In addition to that, the season featured the end of Agent Liberty (Sam Witwer) and his Children of Liberty movement. The season put Kara Danvers to the test, not only as a superhero but also a journalist.

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While the finale wrapped up a lot of stories, it also began to set up the fifth season which will air this fall. With Season 4 concluded after one of the show’s most action-packed season finales, it’s time to breakdown the 22nd episode. What brought us closure and what didn’t?  Disclaimer: full spoilers from “The Quest for Peace” ahead!

10 NO CLOSURE: Red Daughter’s Sacrifice

After spending almost half a season's worth of stories with Kara's clone, the finale marked the character's last episode. As Supergirl was battling Lex who was about to hit her with a Kryptonite blast, Red Daughter flies in and takes the hit for Kara.

While her death made it possible for Kara to stop Lex, the sacrifice felt anti-climactic. They could have given Red Daughter a much better send-off. Why not send her to an Earth where they don't have a Supergirl and make her that world's protector? All in all, an important character like her should not have been killed off after all the time they had invested in her.

9 CLOSURE: Restoring Brainiac 5

In the penultimate episode, we saw Brainiac 5 get a reboot. This made him act more like his predecessors, like the main Brainiac that fans have seen more of in other media. This was one of the things that absolutely had to get solved before the season was over.

Having another season with too many villains (especially one being a former ally of Team Supergirl) would have been too much. Thankfully, the finale had Brainy get in such a tizzy that his system overloaded, bringing the Brainy we love back. Not only that, but he finally got to tell Nia Nal (Nicole Maines) how he felt about her, which was adorable

8 NO CLOSURE: What’s Next For Eve Teschmacher?

After revealing herself to be working with Lex this whole time, Eve Teschmacher (Andrea Brooks) became one of Season 4's recurring baddies. Having worked for Lena (Katie McGrath) since Season 2, Eve caused a number of problems for our heroes throughout the second half of the season.

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with Lex now stopped (more on that later) and Lena definitely not wanting anything to do with her, what's next for Eve? While her final scene does provide a few hints, the bigger question is this: will Eve remain evil, or can she be redeemed? More importantly, will we even see her in the next season? Fall needs to get here sooner rather than later.

7 CLOSURE: The Luthor Family Reunion

Ever since Lex made his debut on the show in the middle of the season. a big family reunion was on the wishlist. While Lionel Luthor couldn't exactly join the party, the three remaining Luthors did. After waiting for several episodes to see them together, Lena and Lillian (Brenda Strong) finally came together with Lex.

This was probably one of the more absurd family reunions of all time, given that Lex was pulling a lot of villainous strings. The moment Lillian tried to poison her own son was when you truly understood that this family would stop at nothing to defeat their enemies... even each other.

6 NO CLOSURE: What’s Leviathan?

In one of the final scenes of the finale, a mysterious woman approaches Eve and tells her that she failed the mission. She states that Lex was supposed to "move the needle," before declaring that Leviathan is coming and that they're everywhere. Now, what in the name of Rao is Leviathan?

There is a criminal organization in the comics of that name, but it's more associated with Batman. Given its connection to the League of Assassins, the show will probably not be using that exact version of it in Season 5. So, what is the Supergirl spin on Leviathan? Since the finale didn't give us answers on that, we'll have to wait until fall to learn more about them.

5 CLOSURE: Lena Learns Kara’s Secret

Three years after she joined the show, Lena finally learned Kara's big secret: that she is Supergirl. However, the reveal didn't go according to Kara's plan, as Lex got in the way. The goal was to tell Lena herself after Lex was stopped, but he decided to spoil her secret to his sister before passing away.

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In a montage of moments where Kara had used her powers behind her back, Lena's world was forever changed. It still remains a mystery how Lex managed to capture all of this. But, then again, he is Lex Luthor, so who are we to question the mastermind?

4 NO CLOSURE: The Status Of Lena & Kara’s Relationship

While Lena knows Kara's big secret, she doesn't confront her best friend about it in the finale. Lena's final scene in the finale features her back at the office taking a drink. She looks at a picture of herself with Kara, before smashing it with her glass. We don't know whether this means their friendship is over or not, but it's clear that there are fences to be mended here.

That's why it's frustrating that we never saw Lena come to Kara and tell her that she now knows. Will they take a similar path to Lex and Clark on Smallville, or will this Super-person and Luthor duo be able to remain friends? We'll have to wait for Season 5.

3 CLOSURE: The Monitor Returns

With Crisis on Infinite Earths being set up in the Arrow and The Flash season finales, you knew that Supergirl would have to do it too. LaMonica Garrett made his return as The Monitor to pull some strings of his own. In one of the two scenes that he had, we see a mysterious Martian emerge through a portal.

Before he takes off, the Monitor tells the Martian that he must now avenge himself against the brother who wronged him. While it's never specifically stated, could this be Ma'alefa'ak, J'onn J'onzz's (David Harewood) villainous brother from the comics? We'll have to wait and see who he actually is.

2 NO CLOSURE: Lex Luthor’s Status

In the Monitor's second and final scene of the episode, we see him making his way to Lex's dead body. Without saying a word, the Monitor begins to cast some sort of spell over his body before we cut to the title card.

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It's fair to say that Supergirl wouldn't actually kill off such a crucial character as Lex. However, what does the Monitor need with him? What is it about someone like Lex Luthor that would make the Monitor (presumably) revive him? Could this be a confirmation that Lex will be needed for Crisis on Infinite Earths this fall?There are so many questions that the show needs to answer.

1 CLOSURE: The End of Ben Lockwood

Last but not least, we had the Children of Liberty fighting to apprehend Ben Lockwood as he threatened the safety of aliens. However, the team is finally able to stop him and take away his superpowers. With Agent Liberty officially stopped, Ben is sent to prison, while the president is removed from office and the Alien Amnesty Act is reinstated.

It's safe to say that this is the last we will ever see of Ben on the show. While we'll probably never have a big bad like Agent Liberty again, it will be interesting to see who will serve that role in the new season.

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