Supergirl: Where on Earth-1 Is Supergirl? 10 Fan Theories

From limbo in the Phantom Zone to Power Girl possibilities, here are 10 theories as to where Supergirl is in the so-called Arrowverse.

Since Melissa Benoist brought Supergirl to life, we have gawked over her adventures and her good-natured and at times humorous demeanor. Combining the witty, sarcastic humor of Grant Gustin's Flash and the stoicism of Stephen Amell's Green Arrow, Supergirl brings a whole new meaning to girl power.

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However, the Supergirl we see today is from a distant Earth-38, only really helping the heroes of Earth-1 on Crises and big earth-shattering events. Which begs the question, is there a Supergirl on Earth-1? Should the heroes focus their efforts on locating her rather than traveling through the multiverse? Here are 10 theories to where the Earth-1 Kara Danvers might be.

10 She Just Doesn’t Exist

With Flashpoint and the Multiverse, we know there are endless possibilities to control one's destiny. Including Karas parents never having children. Maybe Kara never even made it into existence in the Arrowverse and the only Supergirl is from another reality. Although Harrison Wells mentioned there are 53 SuperGirl's in every universe, we've seen completely different characters take the mantle of heroes.

Like John Wesley Shipp playing Barry Allen, or Josh Segarra playing the Green Arrow on Earth 2. Its the easy answer but, as we know with the Crisis destroying different Earths, maybe Kara is destined to be Supergirl in two worlds. Maybe the cross over will finally answer the question for us.

9 Hidden By the Government

The Supergirl TV show has a habit of taking pages from Superman comics to adapt to Supergirl, so why not take a page from the Flashpoint comics to control her destiny on Earth-1. As we know in the Flashpoint comics, Kal-El's ship landed in the middle of Metropolis instead of rural Smallville and was instead recovered by the government where Kal succumbed to probing and sun deficiency.

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Maybe Kara had a similar destiny and is currently under Argus custody, hidden from the world. As a result, the heroes of Earth-1 have no idea they have their very own Supergirl living nearby.

8 Flashpoint changed Krypton's destruction

Staying on the subject of Flashpoint, maybe Barry unknowingly saved Krypton and it was never destroyed. This theory not only answers the question of Kara but also her more famous cousin, who also wouldn't have been sent to Earth.

Maybe in this reality, she's living her life as a normal Kryptonian, not even worried about Earth or being super. Or maybe she's still a hero on Krypton, fighting crime with her younger cousin. The possibilities are endless but, on Earth-1, she's safe in a space surrounded by her people. It would make for an interesting storyline if Earth-38 Kara discovers her home planet is still intact on Earth-1.

7 She died on Krypton

Speaking of Krypton, maybe she never made it out and she was killed along the rest of her planet. This is a little more gloomy than the last one but, as we've seen in the multiverse, the littlest change can make a world of difference. Maybe Barry doomed his red-caped friend on Krypton and she never made it out to protect her cousin.

In this reality, her parents might not have acted fast enough and perhaps she met the same destiny as her planet. Not something Supergirl fans want to think about but it does answer the question of Earth-1 Supergirl's whereabouts.

6 Killed in a Crisis

The Arrowverse has long mentioned the existence of the big Justice Leaguers, including Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Although the Earth-1 Trinity has yet to make an appearance on Earth-1, which begs the question they might have been defeated in combat.

Maybe on Earth-1, the reason we haven't heard of Superman and Supergirl is that they're defeated or dead due to a Crisis before the existence of the Flash or the Green Arrow. Supergirl has met her demise in several stories in the comics, so it wouldn't be strange if the producers of the CW shows reveal Earth-1 Kara has been dead for a long time.

5 Preoccupied

Speaking of comics, there are also several comics that show Supergirl fighting in space and maybe that's just where she is in the Arrowverse. Maybe she left prior to 2012 and is currently protecting the Earth from space invaders or simply investigating Krypton's destruction.

This Supergirl is a little older than the current Earth-38 Kara and perhaps a little more experienced. This would bring a new look to the witty Kara we all know and love if she ever comes back to earth. This would also bring exciting news to the Supergirl fans and open the door for CW writers to bring Kara to Earth-1 should the show get canceled after season 5.

4 Still in Hiding Due to No Superman

As we saw in the pilot episode of Supergirl, Superman paved the way for her and inspired her to come out as a hero. For Kara, it was a no brainer when she saw the love the world had for her cousin and how welcoming they were to him.

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As mentioned before, Superman has yet to make an appearance on Earth-1 so it's safe to say he never came out the way he did on Earth-38. Maybe Kara never had the confidence to come out as a hero or never knew how to. Its good news that she at least exists in the Arrowverse and isn't dead.

3 Spaceship Landed Somewhere Else

Speaking of hiding, maybe Kara is somewhere out there living another life, not knowing shes from another planet. Maybe she's living a normal life as a journalist or accountant, maybe even under a different name. In the pilot episode, Earth-38 Kara was lucky enough to land near her cousin and to be raised by people who knew aliens well enough to train her to use her powers.

If she landed somewhere else, she might've never had the chance to explore her powers and she might just think that she's human. Imagine finding out you have godlike powers after a near-death experience?

2 Stuck in the Phantom Zone

No confirmation of Superman in Earth-1 might mean the Arrowverse has a younger Superman who hasn’t discovered his powers yet. This means Super Girl is still somewhere in the Phantom Zone, waiting to fall. This is one of the most likely scenarios as a freak accident caused her to fall and maybe in this universe, she wasn't so lucky.

Imagine the Girl of Steel, still floating in space, frozen in time and stuck floating, waiting for her savior. An eerie possibility but a likely one. Hopefully, that's really not the case. At least there's always a chance her younger cousin will save her one day.

1 She'll appear as Power Girl

Power Girl in the comics is an alternate version of Kara Danvers, from Earth-2. Sharing the identical powers and personality of the Girl of Steel, she's almost the same except for her costume. This fan theory is so popular, that even producers of the Arrowverse show had considered bringing Power Girl to the small screen and have her help out our Earth-1 heroes in the same way Supergirl has. Maybe even a meeting between the two is very possible.

With Crisis on Infinite Earths less than a month away, we might see our first glimpse of the doppelganger of our favorite female superhero.

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