Kevin Smith Returns to Supergirl with 'Distant Sun' Trailer

[SPOILERS for those not caught up on Supergirl ahead.]


There are only a few episodes left of Supergirl season two, and things are gearing up fast for the finale. Already Mon-El's lie about being the Prince of Daxam has come to light and his parents have shown up wanting him to come home - all the while not doing a very good job of hiding their prejudice of Kara. That was just in last night's episode 'Star-Crossed'. There is still Cadmus and Jeremiah out there somewhere, Kara's lack of a job, and plenty more story threads that needing closure before the summer break.

For anyone watching Supergirl last night who wanted a tease about what was coming next - whether Kara could ever forgive Mon-El for lying to her, and whether his royal parents were really going to let him go so easily - there was a bit of a surprise, at the episode's end. Instead of showing a trailer for next week's episode 'Distant Sun', the trailer that followed Supergirl last night was for The Flash episode 'Duet'. Not really a surprise considering that 'Duet' is a crossover with Supergirl and will deal with the effects of the cliffhanger audiences were left with - Kara being entranced by The Music Meister.

That does not mean that there isn't a trailer for 'Distant Sun'. The CW has released it online, and it looks like Kara has her hands full once she returns to National City after 'Duet'. The episode is directed by Kevin Smith, returning to the series after directing 'Supergirl Lives' earlier in Supergirl season two. The trailer reveals a few of the stories which will be told in 'Distant Sun', starting with Kara needing to fight a whole bunch of different foes. Apparently someone has taken out a bounty on her, and she needs to deal with "Every low-life killer in the universe" trying to collect the prize on her head.

The trailer does not specify who has taken out the bounty, but odds are good that Mon-El's parents Queen Rhea and King Lar Gand had something to do with it. They were not happy that their son chose to stay on Earth instead of returning to Daxam with them - especially for a Kryptonian, who they blame for Mon-El's changed and selfless behavior. This looks to get amplified in 'Distant Sun' when they realize that Mon-El is working as a "mixologist" at the alien bar. At some point, Rhea even slaps her son in the face.

The trailer ends with Mon-El and Kara fighting, even though she seems reluctant to do so. His heart does not appear to be in the fight either, so maybe he is being controlled somehow. It's long been established that she is stronger than he is, so if Mon-El is being controlled, it is possible that whoever is pulling the strings is either unaware of the difference in their strength, or banking on Kara not wanting to hurt him.

Absent from the trailer is Lynda Carter returning as President Olivia Marsden. Since she has been missing for so long, her return is highly anticipated, especially considering the secret she is keeping from everyone (in terms of who she actually is). As such, her absence from the trailer is interesting. Why she is back in National City and what she is up to now may be another big element, leading up to the season two finale.

The Supergirl/Flash crossover continues with 'Duet' at 8 pm March 21 on The CW. Supergirl returns with 'Distant Sun' Monday, March 27 at 8 pm.

Source: The CW

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