Supergirl: 5 Couples That Are Perfect Together (& 5 That Make No Sense)

Supergirl has given audiences many relationships, some incredibly romantic and others just totally wrong in every way.

It's incredible how big and vast the Arrowverse has become, and also how old it's getting already. Pre-Batwoman, Supergirl was one of the Arrowverse's newest additions to its rostra and now it's become a mainstay, currently airing its fifth season and getting ready to celebrate its upcoming 100th episode.

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Amongst all those episodes, it was always going to be inevitable that the main characters would start to go out and find relationships as that's one sure way to create drama in any situation, hero or not. While Supergirl has its fair share of popular couples, not all of the relationships have been successful.

10 Best - Clarke Kent And Lois Lane

It says something about a couple that they've only appeared in a handful of episodes and yet are still loved by fans regardless. Of course, it does help that Superman and Lois are the probably the most famous comic book couple of all time, but it's still impressive nonetheless.

When they last appeared, it was during the 2018 annual crossover event, Elseworlds. Despite the couple's fairly brief appearance, they still made quite an impact. To help matters further, it was revealed at the end of the crossover that Lois was expecting. Thankfully, this couple are returning next month for Crisis On Infinite Earths.

9 Worst - Mon-El And Imra Ardeen

Mon-El was initially quite a polarizing and unpleasant character. However, his character developed throughout Supergirl's second season and so when he returned in Season 3, he was a much more selfless person than previously shown. In addition, he also had a wife, much to Kara and the audience's surprise.

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Imra was sweet, kind, determined and caring and almost everyone warmed to her. Unfortunately, she and Mon-El just weren't meant to be together. Their relationship served as an obstacle to Karamel and when they eventually broke up, Mon-El and Kara still didn't get back together. Therefore, Imra's marriage just seemed pointless.

8 Best - Alex Danvers And Kelly Olsen

Kelly Olsen is the newest member of Team Supergirl, having only made her first appearance in the latter half of Season 4. Her debut gave James Olsen's further depth and it was nice seeing James able to joke around with his sister. However, it was Kelly's relationship with Alex Danvers that was the best thing about the character.

At this point, Alex had been through a lot. She had only recently come out as gay in the second season and her relationship with Maggie, who she had adored, came crashing down due to a disagreement over wanting children. Kelly helped Alex recover and trust in love again and so they were both rewarded.

7 Worst - James Olsen And Lucy Lane

Any relationship that is primarily fuelled by jealousy and obliviousness is not exactly going to be a recipe for success. Jame and Lucy actually dated before Supergirl even started but Lucy broke it off as she felt that James was sidelining her in favor of Superman, to which James vehemently disagreed.

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When Lucy later visited James in National City in the show's first season, they rekindled their relationship but, similar to Imra and Mon-El, it seemed as though their relationship was to block James and Kara from becoming an item. Plus, neither partner treated the other very fairly and so when they decided to call it quits, everyone let out a massive sigh of relief.

6 Best - Nia Nal And Brainy

This cute little couple are Supergirl's newest relationship, having begun their relationship in Season 4's finale. In fact, both Nia and Brainy are fairly new to Supergirl, with both of them only becoming part of the main cast in Season 4. It wasn't long though before both characters became fan-favorites in their own right.

Both characters are actually quite unique. Nia Nal is half human-half alien with the ability to see the future in her dreams while Brainy is a super intelligent being from the distant future. They both knew what it was like to be outsiders and in a way, that's what drew them both together.

5 Worst - Kara Danvers And James Olsen

This relationship wasn't bad so much as it never really happened. James was Kara's main love interest for the whole of Season 1 of Supergirl and so the season spent a lot of time depicting Kara shooting sad looks towards James's way whenever he turned his back. The series even introduced a love triangle between them by introducing Lucy Lane.

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However, as soon as Lucy was out of the picture, Kara and James decided to couple up together. Except they didn't because Kara got some weird sort of cold feet as soon as their relationship began, explaining that she no longer had feelings for James after pining over him for a whole year...

4 Best - Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer

For the first one and a half seasons, Alex was completely focused on two things: her work and her sister. She didn't really have time for other things, especially not relationships. However, when she met Maggie Sawyer, a police detective, that all changed.

Alex had never really consciously considered the possibility that she might be gay and so her feelings for Maggie were really confusing. This storyline was met with applause from fans and critics alike for its realistic portrayal of the process of coming out. Also, Maggie and Alex were exceptionally cute together.

3 Worst - Lena Luthor And James Olsen

Poor James Olsen cannot catch a break when it comes to his love life on Supergirl. For some reason, none of his relationships have managed to capture the hearts of fans, although that's not for a lack of trying.

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During Season 2, when Lena first appeared she was too busy trying to convince everyone that she was not like her criminal family. James was even one of her doubters at first, with only Kara trying to persuade everyone that there was nothing indecent about Lena at all. Thankfully, Lena proved time and time again that she was a good person and so she and James began their relationship. Ultimately though, they lacked chemistry and cut off their relationship in the following season.

2 Best - Kara Danvers And Mon-El

A lot of fans hated Mon-El at first and honestly, it's hard to fault them for that. Mon-El was a selfish individual who behaved rashly and perceived himself to be better than everyone else. Kara in particular couldn't stand him but as any rom-com fan knows, that's how relationships usually begin.

Thanks to Kara's careful guidance, Mon-El eventually became more aware of other people and how his selfish behavior affected those around him. He started to become a hero in his own right and then he and Kara fell in love. Their relationship was forcefully ended when Earth's atmosphere became toxic to Mon-El and he had to leave Earth.

1 Worst - Overgirl And Dark Arrow

Okay, so this one is a little bit of a cheat but it is an extremely interesting, if not completely messed up, relationship involving Kara Danvers. During the epic crossover Crisis On Earth X, Supergirl teamed up with the Green Arrow and the Flash to defeat their evil Nazi counterparts from conquering Earth-1.

During the crossover, it was revealed that Supergirl's doppelgänger was married to Dark Arrow. This couple had terrorised the citizens of Earth-X and had committed many horrible acts. Plus, the pairing of Oliver Queen and Kara Danvers just didn't ring true. However, it would have been interesting to see this relationship play out further.

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