Supergirl Meets DC's New 'Unexpected' Hero, Viking Judge

Supergirl meets DC's new Unexpected hero in our exclusive preview of her next comic. Will Viking Judge be the biggest threat Kara has to face?

DC's Supergirl is facing a parade of threats and villains, but the arrival of the new Unexpected hero Viking Judge is the weirdest twist in her comic yet. For those who haven't followed the Last Daughter of Krypton since her Rebirth relaunch, the parallels between the comic and The CW TV show have multiplied. Kara is once again working with the DEO in safeguarding Earth from alien threats - and fighting just as hard to be seen as a hero, and not a menace. Now, a visitor from another dimension may tip the scales.

With the ending of Dark Nights: Metal changing the comic universe in multiple ways, the future of DC has never seemed stranger (in the best way possible). One of the most curious additions is the coming arrival of The Unexpected, an inter-dimensional team that's equal parts Justice League and The Dark Tower. AQnd in our exclusive preview of Supergirl #20, Kara's story overlaps with the emergence of Viking Judge, a mystical axe-wielding warrior who suddenly became a problem for the Girl of Steel.

And is also trying to kill two more of Supergirl's problems... so she may not be a 'villain' after all.

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The beginning of The Unexpected series won't be coming until June. But with Steve Orlando leading writing duties on the comic - and sharing them on Supergirl with Jody Houser - the chance to introduce Agnes Allen, the newest successor to the legacy of Viking Prince of the 1950s and Viking Commando of the 1970s, is too good to pass up. Especially since her target, the DEO's traitorous Director Bones, is more than deserving of some Norse justice.

Take a look at the preview pages below:

This collection of preview pages alone demonstrates just how outlandish Orlando and Houser have taken the Supergirl series. Supergirl relying on help from a disguised Kara's current flame would be intrigue enough for some books. For Supergirl, add in a false memory brainwashing, the DEO's former boss and a Krpytonian werewolf trying to stop it, and all of a sudden the corporate skeletal villain and his Apokoliptian ally seems downright normal.

The arrival of Viking Judge so soon after the full criminal dealing of Director Bones and Mokkari is no coincidence, either. The twist allows for Viking Judge to show her full power and brutality without becoming an explicit villain (Ben has a point that her quarry is far from innocent). The finale to this arc looks to bring all the moving pieces into play, meaning the Unexpected drama is simply a bonus.

Check out a full synopsis for the issue below:

SUPERGIRL (2018) #20

Published: April 11, 2018

Writer: Jody Houser, Steve Orlando

Art: Robson Rocha

Cover Artist: Robson Rocha

Variant Cover: Stanley "Artgerm" Lau

Supergirl must fight both Mokkari and the out-of-dimension Viking Judge to save Director Bones from the fury of the Viking’s magical ax! Meanwhile, with Director Bones out of the picture, Cameron Chase and Lar-On must break into the D.E.O. to save Veritas before the clock counts down to zero and the psycho-redactor erases her memories forever!

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Supergirl #20 will be available from DC Comics on April 11, 2018.

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