Supergirl Clip Introduces Adrian Pasdar as Morgan Edge

A new clip from the upcoming third season of Supergirl introduces Morgan Edge, one of the new bad guys arriving in season 3. In spite of Supergirl's track record at stopping them, villains just can't seem to stay away from National City. The season 2 finale saw the hero and her friends outsmart Lillian Luthor and Hank Henshaw, kill Queen Rhea, and banish the Daxamites from Earth - though it came at a heavy cost for Kara. Even so, as long as there is a hero standing tall, there will be villains to try and take them down.

The big bad for season 3 was teased in the last moments of season 2 - when it was revealed that Clark and Kara were not the only children to be sent to Earth from Krypton just before the planet exploded. The third child was Reign, who is a Worldkiller in the comics - basically a living weapon. When we first meet her in the series, she will be living as a single mother named Samantha Aries, and she has no idea who she truly is. Over the season, the audience will watch her evolve into a formidable villain.

While Reign is on her villain's journey, there will be another bad guy keeping Supergirl and her friends quite busy. That villain is Morgan Edge, played by Adrian Pasdar. This week EW released a clip which introduced Edge to the audience, and clearly he's going to be a tough opponent.


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In the clip we see Edge speaking to a group sitting around a board table, presenting his plans for real estate development in National City. Both James Olsen and Lena Luthor are present, and neither think all that highly of Edge. When they attempt to show the downsides to Edge's plans for their city, Edge is prepared to strike back at their credibility, never breaking a sweat. He accuses James of letting personal bias influence CatCo's coverage of him, and not only brings up Lena's villainous family, but also hints strongly that she is just as bad as Lex and Lillian.

If Edge has been getting bad press from CatCo, it's possible that he will be as much an enemy to Kara as to her alter-ego. As a reporter, she has always leaned towards stories with a human interest slant - how might this invention or situation affect the innocent citizens of her city. According to Lena, Edge's plans would drive people from their homes to benefit the rich. The season may involve Kara fighting Edge in the media as much as it shows Supergirl fighting him in the streets.

Nor will Supergirl be Edge's only enemy - he certainly seems to be making one out of Lena Luthor in this clip. While he is a wealthy and powerful individual, so is she. There may be battles with Edge in the upcoming series that she can face more easily than Kara or Supergirl, the kind of battles fought with money and influence. And it certainly seems like she is up for the fight, based on this clip. Lena's portrayer Katie McGrath seems to agree:

“There’s a dynamic that Lena has with Morgan Edge and then there’s a dynamic that I have with Adrian. That man is hilarious. Basically we just bitch at each other constantly. Everyone thinks it’s funny. It’s just zingers back and forth like a tennis ball. What’s great about Morgan Edge is he’s the more atypical almost Luthor of the story. He’s come in as the big wealthy villain bad guy who doesn’t care. He is what you would expect Lena to be, but Lena is not that. She’s the righteous, for the little people. What Morgan does as a dynamic for the show and for Lena is to show how far she is from being that yet, and how much it’s going to take to get her there, because when you see them in scenes together, they’re so like cats and dogs, polar opposites and she will do anything to get in his way and he will do anything to destroy her.”

It sounds like Edge will be keeping several of the characters on Supergirl busy with his antics. And while Reign may be the big bad for the season, it's possible that Edge will be helping her along the way. They may even team up at some point down the line, giving the heroes twice as much to worry about.

Supergirl season 3 premieres Monday, October 9 @8pm on The CW.

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Source: EW

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