Supergirl: Chris Vance To Play Villain Non

Chris Vance Cast as Non in Supergirl TV

With the first episode of Supergirl set to premiere on CBS in just under two weeks, there are still a whole crop of villainous roles that have yet to be filled out for season 1. So far, we have Iddo Goldberg as T.O. Morrow/Red Tornado, Justice Leak as Hellgrammite, Brit Morgan as Livewire, and Chris Browning as Reactron, among those set to antagonize the Girl of Steel.

Based off of that list alone, it seems like Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) will be facing off against a great number of villains rather than one primary antagonist. That structure makes sense for the first season for a number of reasons, the most obvious being that it allows the focal point of the first season to be Kara herself, focusing on how she evolves from an unsure hero to the superheroine most will come to know her as.

Continuing that very trend, a new report from THR reveals that Transporter: The Series star Chris Vance has been cast as the villain Non. Non is said to be "a former scientist in a league with the House of El," while also being a ruthless Kryptonian officer who is "sinister, powerful and angry." Essentially, Vance fights for the opposite of what Kara stands for, making him one of Supergirl's most challenging enemies yet.

Besides starring in Transporter: The Series, Vance has also appeared in a number of high-profile TV series, including Rizzoli & IslesDexterBurn Notice, and Prison Break. Clearly, Vance has quite a bit of experience under his belt in both leading and supporting roles. As with nearly any series, adding talent to the cast is almost never a mistake, and this case seems to be no different.

Non was originally created by director Richard Donner, first appearing in Superman (1978), before later having a featured role as one of the main trio of villains in its sequel -- Superman II -- along with Zod (Terence Stamp) and Ursa (Sarah Douglas). Jack O'Halloran's original interpretation of the character saw him as a silent brute, an enforcer willing to do whatever Zod commanded of him. Given that Vance is known as much for his speaking roles as he is for his physical prowess, it would seem unlikely that his Non will follow in O'Halloran's footsteps. And a quote from the show's producers, claiming this iteration will offer a "slightly different take on the character" certainly seems to confirm that will be the case.

In any case, whether or not Vance's version will be an improvement remains to be seen, but the very concept of Kara facing off against a fellow Kryptonian promises an intriguing storyline, if nothing else.

Supergirl premieres on CBS at 8:30pm EST on October 26th, 2015. It will air at 8pm EST on Mondays thereafter.

Source: THR

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