Supergirl: The 10 Best SuperCorp Memes

One of the many popular aspects in the Supergirl fandom is the Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) and Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath) relationship, also known as SuperCorp. Since she joined the series in Season 2, many fans have fallen in love with the dynamic between the two. Given the great chemistry the two actresses share, SuperCorp became a ship very quickly during the second season, both from a platonic and romantic perspective.

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Each viewer is free to define the type of relationship shared between Kara and Lena. However, it can't be denied that their friendship has been one of the strongest dynamics of the last few seasons, even though things are most likely about to change now that Lena knows Kara's big secret.

Here are the top SuperCorp memes that have emerged on the web that will make you crack up and smile big time!

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10 Bad Girl

There is no denying that over the course of the last three seasons of Supergirl, Lena has displayed some shadiness while residing on the edge between light and darkness. While Lena always sets out to be good, her methods can definitely be seen as questionable. Kara, on the other hand, is almost too good and seems like someone who always followed the rules while growing up.

This meme is so hilarious because of the notion that the most "naughty" thing Kara could do is to ignore the rules of the Disney Channel website, which is unlikely to impress Lena. Imagine Kara keeping library books past their expiration date but on a much more epic proportion.

9 Who Wants To Be a Millionaire

One of the sillier aspects with any Superman/Supergirl story is that the people around them fail to see through their disguises that usually amount to a pair of glasses. This point will always be up for debate, especially since many of the heroes' closest friends are investigative journalists. However, there have been more occasions than one when Lena should have figured out Kara's secret.

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Imagine if she was on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (even though her last name is Luthor, meaning that money is never a problem) and had to solve this "mystery." Look at those options and yet she would have to call a friend to get help.

8 Kiss the Girl

While neither Kara nor Lena's sexualities have been defined as heterosexual, one could argue that maybe there is more than meets the eye. There have been multiple times when the two of them are almost seen flirting in one way or another.

Whether it be one of them giving the other a loving look or them staring at each other for a couple of extra seconds. That's why this Little Mermaid crossover is so relatable because, like Sebastian, SuperCorp shippers just want to tell the pair to kiss the girl.

7 Calculus Homework

Even though we have had flashbacks of Kara being young, we have never seen Lena's childhood in any significant detail. After seeing this meme, the show needs to give viewers flashbacks to teenage Lena because if this was her way of flirting, it would be the best thing ever.

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Given how smart Lena is, she could easily make something as a calculus homework sound extremely dirty. What is even funnier is that seeing Kara handle a dirty pick-up line like that would most likely make her faint out of blushing.

6 Dirty Staring

As previously stated, Supergirl has so far not gone as far as defining Kara's sexuality being anything other than heterosexual. However, there are those moments when Kara is making the case for possibly being bisexual. How many times has she not taken an extra moment to appreciate beautiful women around her?

Take a moment like this where this scene could have played out a bit differently if Lena had noticed Kara's look. Imagine if Lena had found out that Kara was rather observant of Kate Kane's (Ruby Rose) many tattoos during 2018's Elseworlds crossover event.

5 Listening While Blushing

Since Season 2, it has become impossible to not enjoy whenever Lena makes the Girl of Steel blush. While Kara doesn't really give inner monologues, it would be easy to imagine her just taking in every word Lena says to her like a romantic poem.

Hence, this loving look that Kara has given Lena on more occasions than one. Certain emotions just cannot be expressed through words.

4 Best Coming Out Scenario

While it's very unlikely that the show will ever establish Kara as being LGBT, try to imagine a world where the Girl of Tomorrow was more than heterosexual. Imagine if Kara, while Lena was doubting herself, came out in a powerful way like this. Honestly, this moment fits the character, as Kara is quite sure of herself.

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If the show were to take this literal meme and bring it to life, we would be here for it.

3 Dirty Wordplay

Lena has her big love for science and creation, a character trait that has been made abundantly clear since she came on the show. Something that Supergirl has established since day 1 is Kara's big love for food, which is absolutely adorable and relatable.

However, what happens if Kara decides to take the love of food to a different level while aspiring to have a good time with Lena? Everyone knows the way to a Kryptonian's heart is through their stomach.

2 A Harsh Truth

It wouldn't be the craziest thing in the world if Kara still believed in Santa Claus because that's simply how innocent Kara can be sometimes. At the same time, it wouldn't shock anyone if Lena stopped believing in him at a very early age.

One of the characteristics of Lena is her directness, which is why the scenario depicted by this meme could easily happen. Maybe this is what Lena will do as payback to Kara for not telling her that she is Supergirl?

1 Multiple Options of Loving

For the number one slot, another meme of Lena exploring her feelings for Kara while playing Who Wants to be a Millionaire? This time around, the tone is far more romantic, with Lena being asked to define her relationship with the bubbly superhero.

While Lena chooses either one of those four options, Kara is at home watching on television. That would probably make the Last Daughter of Krypton blush more than she ever has in her whole life.

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