Supergirl Producer Teases ‘Bumps’ In Alex & Maggie’s Relationship

Supergirl producer Andrew Kreisberg says things won't be all smooth-sailing for Alex and Maggie's relationship when season 2 resumes.

Supergirl Crossfire Alex Danvers Maggie Sawyer

Supergirl's second season is telling a big story about alien refugees living on Earth encountering bigotry from an increasingly xenophobic human population (and the sinister CADMUS organization especially), but the series has always grounded its superheroic action in a foundation of human stories. One such plot thread in season 2 involves Detective Maggie Sawyer and Kara's sister Alex Danvers - where Alex falls for the lady officer, realizing that she is a lesbian and coming out to her family and friends.

In contrast to the series' sci-fi/superhero aspects, Supergirl's "coming out" storyline has been praised for playing out in nuanced and realistic fashion. While sparks between the two women were present from Detective Sawyer's first appearance, it took a few episodes for her to confront Alex about her perceived romantic intentions - and more time still for the elder Danvers sister to look back on her life and realize the truth of her sexuality. The series then teased audiences with Maggie's initial reluctance to begin a relationship, before giving fans the proper Alex/Maggie kiss they had been waiting for.

The Supergirl season 2 midseason finale, 'Medusa', thus concluded with Maggie and Alex formally becoming a couple. However, co-showrunner Andrew Kreisberg is cautioning that this doesn't mean their story is over - or that happily-ever-after is a sure bet for the newly-minted pair. As he told Entertainment Weekly:

“There’s definitely some bumps. Just because they are together now doesn’t mean it’s going to go smoothly. Alex has never been in this kind of relationship before and she’s going to make some rookie mistakes that they’ll have to get past. Maggie has been presented as being the perfect guide for Alex’s journey this season, but Alex is going to learn that Maggie isn’t perfect, which is going to lead to some difficult situations coming down the road.”

Supergirl Welcome to Earth Alex Danvers Maggie Sawyer

What those "difficult situations" might entail is yet unclear, but Supergirl has so far been right upfront about Detective Sawyer not necessarily leading the most stable existence - in either her personal and/or her professional life. Her initial questioning of Alex's intentions came amid the fallout of her most-recent break-up, and her reluctance to begin dating Alex subsequently implied that she's had bad experiences with newly-out partners in the past.

It's also possible that Maggie may turn out to have policework-related skeletons in her closet, as Supergirl has thus far not touched extensively on her prior life as a cop in a different city. With dangerous alien invaders and mischief-making imps among the villains slated to appear when Supergirl season 2 resumes next year, it's even possible that life as a cop in National City will simply prove more stressful for Maggie than she expects.

Supergirl returns from its midseason break with the Kevin Smith-directed ‘Supergirl Lives’ on The CW.

Source: EW

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