Supergirl Actress Confirmed

With filming on Smallville's 7th and final season set to begin in Vancouver next week, fans of the show will be excited to hear the role of Kara - aka Supergirl - has been cast. Breathing life into what must surely be the only major Superman character not to have appeared in the series thus far is Canadian actress Laura Vandervoort, who appeared previously in some show called Instant Star.

As reported last month, Kara is the long-lost cousin of Clark Kent who awakens from suspended animation after events of the 6th season finale. While she and Clark were sent to Earth at the same time, she was already in her teens at the time of their home planet's destruction. Fittingly, for what should be a climactic final season, her presence promises to offer both Clark and fans a much deeper understanding of Kryptonian life than ever before - including that of his parents. Oh, and she can fly!

Describing the character of Supergirl to People magazine, Smallville co-creator and executive producer Al Gough says:

"She's a combination of beauty, intelligence, a certain warmth, and great attitude.... We've wanted a character to shake things up. She may be Clark Kent's cousin, but that doesn't mean she's going to be the obedient one."

While I'm not quite sure what that means - since I've never known the word cousin to relate in any way to obedience - I must admit the news has reignited my interest in the show. Perhaps I'm a little slow on the uptake but I'm yet to get through the 2nd season. Somewhat ironically, I could never quite get into what I saw as forced inclusion of much-loved classic characters. Perhaps I was wrong.

At the very least, Laura Vandervoort looks the part and the coming series sounds pretty fine indeed. Now I just need to figure out what else I've missed!

Source: People

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