Trevor Jackson & Jason Mitchell Interview: Superfly

Trevor Jackson is an American actor, singer, songwriter, and dancer.  He starred in the Broadway musical The Lion King as Young Simba and is best known for playing Kevin Blake on the SyFy series Eureka. Trevor joined the cast of American Crime in its second season as Kevin LaCroix.  He stars in the film Superfly as the lead character Youngblood Priest. Jason Mitchell is an American actor best known for portraying rapper Eazy-E in the biopic Straight Outta Compton. He has gone on to have roles in the comedy movie Keanu and the action film Kong: Skull Island. He plays Eddie in the film Superfly, which comes out June 13, 2018.

Screen Rant had the opportunity to sit down with Trevor and Jason, where we discussed Trevor’s transition to more mature projects, what Superfly says about the world today, the motivation of Jason’s character Eddie, how the film told the American Dream, and Jason’s thoughts on future hip hop biopics.

SR: Congratulations on the film guys. It was a lot of fun. Now, Trevor, I gotta ask, so a lot of projects you worked on are aimed a lot towards the family. This is one of your more first early mature projects. How has that transition?

Trevor: It was awesome. It's something I've always wanted to do. Obviously growing up and watching Will, watching Leonardo. All these people being action stars, Tom Cruise and, yeah, it's a dream come true for me. But I think once I read the material I'd definitely just, you know. I never want to be stuck in a box. So of course I'll probably go back doing family movies. I want to do a Will Ferrell like movie, then I went to do drama. I never want to stay in one lane or feel like life is too short for that. So let's do everything. And this is one of them.

SR: Exactly. Now the original film focused a lot on like the pimps and stuff like that. What is Superfly have to say about the world today? Because this is obviously an updated version of the character.

Jason: I don't know. I think he would honestly feel like a lot of the things that we do are clouding our judgment as people. But you know, that's neither here or there (LAUGHS) I can't show my head.

SR: Well Eddie's character is Priest’s right hand man. What is Eddie's motivation in this film?

Jason: Eddie’s motivation is the thoughts that Priest are having, really honestly. Because it's like we switched some stuff up and I told you it wasn't gonna work in certain situations like with Scatter. My dude, why are we going to his house? Like why are we going around him? Like, here's the situation. What happened. They took him and I was just standing there. And then, you know what I mean? There’s nothing I could do to help.

SR:  Priest finds success well beyond the scale of the first, the original Super Fly. How does that shake things up? Because this is an American dream story. But this is on such a larger scale. So the pursuit of the American dream. How was that kind of told in this story?

Trevor: I think the dream is the same. But I think it's different because of the time change and the location. I think it being in New York and now being in Atlanta definitely switches things up. But I think at the end of the day, you just see the, how far we've come as a people. And I think Priest’s character especially, he’s superintelligent and if he wasn't in the drug game, he could be the CEO of a multibillion dollar company. Right? But I think the dream stayed the same.

SR: I'm a huge fan of Straight Outta Compton. And it kind of sets the bar for hip hop biopics, which is now a thing. Which other artists do you think deserve a hip hop biopic outside of Tupac and Biggie?

Jason: I don't know because they got so, so many people that like are gone without no details like Pimp C. Like, that’s the dude, you know what I mean? A lot of people, man. Like I don't know, me personally, I would do something about like J Prince or Rap-A-Lot or something like that. You know what I mean? Like just cause, like, people don't even understand that, the power we have, when we’re in numbers. Like legit. The FBI used to be on their back. Like, “What? All we did was take the men to meet Farrakhan. Why are you doing that? Because he black.” You know what I mean? (LAUGHS) “Oh no, we just took them because I don't know.” You know? But it's like the whole situation. They'll try to always shut that unity down. They don't want us to really like each other, you know what I mean? And as soon as we do, they just run into the church and spray some people.

Trevor: Distract ‘em.

Jason:  Right? (HEAD IN HANDS) Man, now we have to think about this too.  I guess that’s...

Trevor: But the movie is awesome. Go see it.

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