Lex Scott Davis Interview: Superfly

Lex Scott Davis is an American actress who is known for playing Toni Braxton in the Lifetime television movie Toni Braxton: Unbreak My Heart.  Lex went on to star in the CBS drama Training Day, playing opposite Bill Paxton and Justin Cornwell. Now she portrays Georgia in the film Superfly, which came out June 13, 2018.

Screen Rant had the opportunity to sit down with Lex, where we discussed what Superfly says about the American Dream today, how the film speaks to the current climate of the world, how her character Georgia stands out from everybody else, and what she learned from Director X’s visual storytelling style.

SR: Priest kind of surpasses the expectations of the original film in terms of success. What does that mean about the American dream? How does this movie speak to the American dream in this film?

Lex: Hm, I love that, with this one, we decided to go younger with Priest. And we also decided to not have him doing drugs throughout the whole movie like the original. We also decided not have him shooting a weapon. That alone says a lot. It speaks volumes to what the underlying theme of this is. We are watching a young man who is in a position of power but didn't get there by doing the right thing. Now he's grown out of it. He wants to overcome what he's put himself into and just be a better man for his future.

SR: How do you think this movie speaks about the relevancy of kind of the current and way the society is now? Because there's, this is so relevant, with so many issues. I mean, the corrupt police and how he doesn't use a gun is actually something that I found really cool. So how do you think that movie speaks to the current climate of the world?

Lex: I can respect that it's truthful the first and foremost. And you know, these are things that are depicted, that will recognize from society. And now having social media we see these things, you know, on our phone. It's right there. It’s no getting away from it. And that's the truth. There's no escaping it. This is where we are. However, again, just having an example of how to overcome all of those things, how to deal with them, but deal with them in a higher standard and a higher regard is what's important to me.

SR: Georgia is a great character. She's brilliant. She's an artist. What makes Georgia stand out from everybody else in the crowd?

Lex: Georgia stands out for so many different reasons. One being that she is probably the most covered (LAUGHS) out of all the women in this story. She has on the most layers of clothes. And that the fact that she can be so covered and still command all of the attention in any room she's in is, it speaks volumes. Especially in a society today where young, younger women are now looking up to people. And then the opportunities that are a little more revealing and you know a little more compromising of your true beliefs. I love to be able to be in a position to still be just as hot, just as dominant, just as much as the boss, but seeing on the same playing field amongst the men while keeping herself covered and poised and respected.

SR: Yeah. Well, you got to work with the amazing Director X who's done some of the most iconic music videos over the past decade. What did you learn from him and his visual storytelling style?

Lex: I learned so much. I definitely hovered around the director's tent, the video village where we call it, just because I want to be in that seat someday. And it was a lot you could learn from him. Especially because he's bringing elements from the music industry into making movie making. Which is very unique, which isn't often done. And I think that's why it was so much like, “Director X is doing his first feature film.” But it's awesome. You know, I think some people may have been like, “Hmm, can he?” But yes he can. He can. And he has a beautiful eye for visual art for color. How he shot things, especially those fighting scenes. The fighting scenes look awesome. You know, how he depicted those and didn't even. How beautiful the club scenes are. And they do look like a music video, but that's hot. That's dope. You know what I mean? It's different. I think this film will stand out amongst, the other summer blockbusters it just in terms of aesthetics.

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  • Superfly (2018) release date: Jun 13, 2018
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