Which Movies Are Getting Ads at Super Bowl XLIV?

With the mega-sporting event of the Superbowl rolling around once more, for us movie fans it means that the biggest studios in the business will be paying money (A LOT of it - $3 million to be exact) to run 30-second TV spots during the event.

Adage has the info on which studios have bought ad space and which movies they will be advertising, so read on below to find out.

During Superbowl XLIV on February 7th this year, you'll be seeing ads from three of the biggest studios: Universal, Paramount and Walt Disney.

First, Paramount has bought the most amount of spots with a total of three and they will be advertising Iron Man 2, Shutter Island and The Last Airbender, all of which are highly anticipated around these parts (all three made Screen Rant's 2010 most anticipated list). For Paramount's ads you should look out during the first and second quarters to catch them.

Both Disney and Universal have bought at least one spot but both declined to comment on their "Superbowl activity." However, Disney will most likely be raising awareness for Alice in Wonderland, Toy Story 3 or Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, and Universal will most likely choose The Wolfman or Robin Hood.

Those are all movies I'm highly anticipating, and let's hope the footage shown is new and not just old footage set in a different order. I'm particularly hoping for new stuff from Iron Man 2 and Toy Story 3 because I'm looking forward to those two the most.


Superbowl XLIV airs on February 7th, and we know you footage-hungry movie fans will be paying attention... either that or you can catch them here at Screen Rant when they inevitably make their way online :) .

Sources: Adage (via Collider)

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