Superbowl Star Trek Trailer = More Adrenaline

So here's the deal, if you're a long time Star Trek fan you're either going to love the upcoming Star Trek movie or you're going to hate it. I'm betting there will be no middle ground on this one. But I'm betting that if you're NOT a Trek fan, this movie is going to rock your world.

While I'm still having a bit of a hard time wrapping my head around Chris Pine as Kirk (especially his use of the word "man" 200 years from now in the following trailer) I'm leaning towards the "gonna love it" camp.

Enough yakking, check out the latest trailer, which will premier on TV during the Super Bowl...


There have been comparisons of this film to Star Wars but I don't think that's right. This looks like it's going to have its own look and feel and is going to be like Star Trek on steroids. In the end, will it be great? That remains to be seen, but at this point I'm thinking my cautious optimism over the course of the production will end up being justified.

What do YOU think?

Star Trek opens on May 8th.

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