'Super Troopers 2' Could Start Shooting This Year


It took a while for the independent comedy Super Troopers to find its audience, but today the film is widely regarded as a cult hit. The 2001 film may have been lacking in comedic star power, but some quotable dialogue, memorable on screen shenanigans and strong chemistry between its core group of actors - a fivesome who are best friends in real life and members of the Broken Lizard comedy troupe - created enough laughs to wiggle its way into the comedy zeitgeist.

The group has made three films since (Club Dread, Beerfest and the The Slammin' Salmon), but none have proven to be as successful as Troopers. The lack of recent success and the notable demand from fans has caused the group to seriously consider a sequel - an idea they've tossed around for a number of years - and it finally looks like one is officially in the works.

Guy Speed got the scoop from the Lizards themselves, who said there was a finished script that they hope to start shooting later this year. Said group member Kevin Heffernan:

"There will be a 'Super Troopers' sequel. We put it off for a while and then came back to it. We wrote the script and handed it in to Fox and now we’re just negotiating the time and the place and hopefully shoot it some time this year. I have to start growing my mustache now.”

Of course, many Lizard fans have heard this song and dance before, but they have to be more encouraged this time around because its coming straight from the source. It's far from a confirmation that Super Troopers 2 is truly happening, but the fact that a major studio is already involved (at least according to Heffernan) adds a big dose of validity to a rumor that's been circulating for some time.

Though some of the group's loyal fans have stood by their less successful films, there's no question that most of them would rather see the group return as their favorite Vermont highway patrolmen than make another standalone comedy.

Jay Chandrasekhar in 'Super Troopers'

It certainly looks like both sides want a sequel to happen, but we'll have to see if Fox thinks it's a worthwhile investment. There's also the question of all five members' schedules aligning in time to shoot the film this year. They are far from the busiest guys in Hollywood, but several of the members do have other acting and directing endeavors they've been pursuing in recent years.

Four months ago, we learned Jay Chandrasekhar - who directed and starred as Ramathorn in Super Troopers - was hired to direct the Yogi Bear sequel, and Heffernan - who played Rodney - has become somewhat of a sitcom regular, appearing in episodes of How I Met Your Mother, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Veep and Arrested Development.

We'll keep our eyes on Super Troopers 2 as it develops. Hopefully, Car Ramrod will be reuniting soon.


Source: Guy Speed

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