Super Troopers 2: Rob Lowe Cast As Canadian Border Town Mayor


Though not always identifiable as Broken Lizard by those outside its more dedicated fanbase, the work of the five-man comedy team tends to speak for itself. With underground raunchy comedy classics like Club Dread, Beerfest and most notably Super Troopers to its credit, Broken Lizard has slowly but surely built up a reputation that works for both casual fans of comedy as well as the more ardent fanbase that follows its every move.

Twenty years have passed since Broken Lizard released their first feature film with 1996’s Puddle Cruiser, but it was Super Troopers - their 2001 follow up – that sealed their cult status. The goofy cop parody struck a nerve with audiences and fans have been demanding a sequel ever since. After an extensive crowd-funding campaign managed to draw in $4.5 million last year, the team recently announced that production on Super Troopers 2 had officially begun.

As shooting on the sequel continues in Boston, Deadline has taken the opportunity to report that Rob Lowe (Code Black) will star in the film as Guy Le Franc - a former hockey player turned mayor of a small Quebec border town. Unfortunately, there’s no immediate word as of this writing regarding exactly how big of a role Guy Le Franc will play in the overall Super Troopers 2 plot. Lowe took to Instagram to post a photo of himself alongside the stars of Super Troopers 2. Take a look:

The secret is out! I've joined the new #SuperTroopers movie! This is not a joke. (Although the movie is full of great ones). #Meow #Wig


A photo posted by Rob Lowe (@robloweofficial) on

Given that the officers of the first Super Troopers film have been known to challenge one another in the manly pursuit of maple syrup chugging, the introduction of Lowe as a Canadian politician could very well have something to do with chasing the venerated syrup to its source. Of course, this is pure conjecture, but whatever the reason for Lowe’s character, the actor is no stranger to tongue in cheek humor, having given a wonderful performance as the sleazy network executive Benjamin Oliver in 1992’s Wayne’s World.


Because Broken Lizard’s fanbase is so dedicated – particularly when it comes to Super Troopers – the sequel should manage to please those who’ve waited so long for it. None of the Broken Lizard films are exactly cinematic masterpieces, but they all manage to delight on a certain level. It’s typical for the comedy team’s work to be largely ignored by the masses, but thanks to Super Troopers’ wider reaching appeal, there remains the chance of a greater degree of success this time around.

In the end, Super Troopers 2 will be a film that is first and foremost for the fans. After all, it’s the fans that paid to have it made. It’s great to see Broken Lizard gearing up to release a sequel to their most popular and well known title after all these years. If they could just set their sights on getting the long overdue PotFest – the sequel to 2006’s Beerfest – off the ground, Broken Lizard fans everywhere would finally have their wish lists completely fulfilled.

Super Troopers 2 has no release date at this time but is aiming for a mid-2017 opening.

Source: Deadline, Instagram

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