Nintendo Boss Dances Around The Waluigi Smash Bros Issue

Waluigi Smash Bros Ultimate

It's a scandal that continues to rock Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but rest assured, Nintendo knows that fans want Waluigi in the game. Boasting the biggest roster of heroes and villains that the game has ever presented, Nintendo promised that everyone was coming to Ultimate - well, everyone except Waluigi.

A doppelgänger of fan-favorite Luigi, the purple evildoer was created for 2000's Mario Tennis and has gone on to appear in the likes of Mario Party 3, Mario Kart: Double Dash, and is a major part of this year's Mario Tennis Aces. Despite his many roles in the Mario franchise, Waluigi is one of the few Nintendo staples who will apparently be sitting out Super Smash Bros. Ultimate when it comes to Nintendo Switch in December.

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There was public outcry that Waluigi has been reduced to "Assist Trophy" in the game and the debacle has even become a Know Your Meme sensation. When the Waluigi situation was raised to Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime during an interview with Waypoint, he revealed that Smash Bros. boss Masahiro Sakurai is aware of the support campaign for Waluigi's inclusion:

"The fans have to focus in on one character that isn't part of the series and to demand their inclusion. So, one of the good things about the way we approach E3 is when it's all said and done we step back. We look at all of the feedback and share with the devs and certainly Mr. Sakurai will be aware of the groundswell of support that appeared for a Waluigi. And in the end it's his decision to make."

Sad Waluigi

Fils-Aime doesn't say no to Waluigi's arrival, but he also doesn't give much hope either. The E3 feedback may have had an impact on the final game, and with several months until the title's release, there is still time to add one more to the party. Importantly, Fils-Aime reiterated that Nintendo doesn't have some sort of personal vendetta against the character, and ultimately, it isn't his decision to make.

Players have already seen their prayers answered as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate adds the long-awaited Metroid favorite Ridley. Elsewhere, Princess Daisy gets her own time to shine, so why would someone like Waluigi also not appear on the team? At the end of the day, the likes of Fils-Aime and Sakurai could never have known just how popular the purple pest would become. It may be impossible to add everyone, but the Waluigi incident is showing a misstep on Nintendo's behalf.

Although there will be a huge number of characters to choose from when picking up the Joy-Con later this year, the game is adding to its nostalgia factor by only launching with the original N64 lineup. Whether or not Sakurai will change his mind over Waluigi remains to be seen, but given his recent harassment on Twitter by angry fans, it might be easier just to slip the character into the game. Players should keep their eyes peeled for a purple blur when Super Smash Bros. Ultimate comes to the Switch on December 7. Justice for Waluigi!

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Source: Waypoint

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