Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Getting VR Support Soon

In a surprising development, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate looks to be receiving VR support via an update in the immediate future. Fans have been pretty high on Smash Bros. Ultimate since it released last year, and the constant updates to the title have helped to cement it as more of an evergreen initiative on Nintendo Switch. Most recently, fans have been treated to the addition of a Stage Builder mode for free, as well as the paid-for arrival of Persona 5's Joker as a playable character.

The game should only grow in the coming months too, as there are still plans in place to add at least four more playable characters to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate via the game's Fighters Pass DLC. There is plenty of educated speculation about which combatants will join the fray next, with many signs pointing to the Dragon Quest hero Erdrick as a likely Smash candidate. Even then, it's clear that Nintendo isn't happy limiting content to that for the fight title.

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As announced via SSBUBot on Twitter (an account set up by dataminers), brand-new text has been discovered that provides some advanced insight into an update coming to Smash Ultimate. The update in question will provide VR support to the game through Nintendo's Toy-Con VR Goggles, which released earlier this year. This would add a very different way for fans to view the fray, and could help to bring an entirely new dimension to viewing replays from intense matchups.

The update that will add this functionality will also allow players to better use their amiibo within Smash Ultimate. This will include the ability to send them away to train or even bring them into an Arena to show them off against friends online. This adds a lot more value to the scannable statues, and the enhanced online options make Super Smash Bros. Ultimate an even more appealing reason to own a subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online service. Especially when compared to the shortcomings present in Super Mario Maker 2's online options, namely the lack of online multiplayer with friends.

More details on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's future content updates are expected to drop during E3 2019. Anything from the long-awaited Home Run Contest mode to the reveal of new fighters are up for consideration during the event. While nothing is confirmed, though, fans should have much more to look forward to in regards to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the coming weeks and months.

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Source: SSBUBot/Twitter

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