Terry Bogard Joins Smash Bros Ultimate Today

Terry Fatal Fury Smash Bros

The newest DLC fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Terry Bogard from the Fatal Fury fighting game series, is available to play starting today, November 6th. Recently announced as both the fastest-selling Nintendo game of all time and also the best-selling fighting game ever, the reveal of Terry was discovered only a week ago due to Nintendo themselves adding the SNK Coporation to the list of in-game company credits.

This inclusion marks the fifth DLC character which has been added into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate since the game's release almost a full year ago, joining the likes of Banjo & Kazooie, The Hero from the Dragon Quest JRPG series, and Joker from Persona 5As more and more franchises announce partnerships with Nintendo in order to advertise their characters in what's clearly 2019's most-played fighting game, fans are constantly guessing as to which video game character will make a Smash Bros. cameo next.

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Announced by Smash Bros. Ultimate's Director Masahiro Sakurai via a 48-minute video presentation now available on Nintendo's YouTube page, Terry Bogard from the SNK fighting game series Fatal Fury is ready to be downloaded and played today. The fighter also comes with his own arena, the King of Fighters Stadium, and additional music tracks from various SNK titles. The video, which goes over all of Terry's moves and explores Director Sakurai's affinity for the SNK series, is embedded below.

In addition, the game's accompanying patch also adds the option for online players to send a series of set messages to each other inside an arena and host players will be able to change some of the rules without having to shut the entire arena down. A new arena type called "Elite Only" has also been included. The entire list of updates, which includes game balance adjustments and several fixes meant to "improve gameplay experience" has been posted to Twitter by Wario64.

With the recent announcement of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate current DLC pack not being the only one Nintendo has planned for the game, it's beginning to look as if downloadable fighters will continue to join the fight into the foreseeable future. Sakurai himself has stated there are requests all over the world for new Smash Bros. characters, and even Blizzard has openly said Nintendo can have any character from Overwatch for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate it wants. With rumors of the Doomslayer and other fan favorite characters appearing in the series soon, there's no telling how many fighters Super Smash Bros. will eventually end up with. It is called Ultimate, after all.

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