Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: How To Unlock The DLC Character Piranha Plant

Piranha Plant will come to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a free update in early 2019, but players can already unlock the character so that he'll be available at a later date. Piranha Plant is only free for those who have pre-ordered or purchased the game early.

With a roster containing every character in series history, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is already jam-packed with playable fighters, including newcomers King K. Rool, Ridley, and the Inklings, and old favorites like Young Link, Wolf, and Snake. However, the roster's size will grow from 74 to 80 in 2019. Six DLC characters will join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Piranha Plant will be added first, followed by five more, who can be purchased together in the Fighter Pass. Each character will come with several new music tracks and a stage; the first of the DLC characters is Persona 5's Joker. Nintendo has yet to reveal any details on the remaining four challengers.

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During November's Nintendo Direct, it was announced that Piranha Plant from the Mario series was joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a pre-order bonus. Piranha Plant is an interesting addition to the game, as the character is usually only used as a minion or an obstacle in most of its video game appearances. In both Mario and Yoshi games, the protagonist must avoid the Piranha Plant's long neck as it will reach out and ensnare or attack anyone who gets close to it.

To get Piranha Plant for free, you must purchase a copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate prior to January 31, 2019 and register the game. To do this, simply highlight Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch Home Menu and click the + button on the Joy-Con. From there, you must go to My Nintendo Rewards Program and select "Earn Points (Game-Card Only)." Later, you'll receive an email with a code that will unlock Piranha Plant, as long as your email is linked with your Nintendo Account. Those who purchased the digital copy of the game won't have to go through these steps and will receive the code automatically. Redeem the code in the Nintendo eShop, and you will be able to play as Piranha Plant when the character releases.

For anyone who doesn't plan on buying Super Smash Bros. Ultimate before January 31st, the character can be acquired as paid DLC after his release. Piranha Plant will become Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's 75th character in February 2019.

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