Smash Bros. Ultimate Story Could Be About Saving Luigi's Soul, Fans Believe

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After the marketing campaign for Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spectacularly killed off Luigi and then confirmed the plucky plumber isn't actually dead, there's another twist to the tale as fans guess he could be part of the game's latest mode. Although Mario's taller brother has appeared in all the Smash Bros. games since back in 1999, a new theory suggests he could become the MVP of Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Luigi became a highlight of the Direct footage when he took a perilous trip to Castle Dracula. The internet went into meltdown as Luigi was sliced in half by Death's scythe and had his soul ripped from his body. The footage ended with Luigi still trapped in his spirit form and left a big question mark over how/if he will return to his body for the game. With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate including nearly everyone from the history of Nintendo, someone like Luigi was never going to be confined to the graveyard, but just how important is he to the upcoming Nintendo Switch title?

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For anyone questioning why the death of a fictional character would be so important to a game that includes so many different players, Luigi's spectral form could link to a secret mode within Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The Nintendo Direct stream included a blurred-out logo for another mode, and while most have left it to be a surprise of the game's release, Twitter user noctulescent has tried to decipher the code. The latest theory suggests the mode will be called Spirits.' Reddit user Nintendrew even created a mock-up of what the game's start menu could look like (via Imgur).

Luigi murdered Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Instead of a wild theory from tinfoil-hat conspiracists, the idea of a Spirits mode fits with what fans have seen so far. The Nintendo Direct reveal also seemed to kill off the likes of King Dedede, Mario, and Mega-Man, but no one is expecting any of the above to be missing from the main game. With Masahiro Sakurai confirming that Ultimate's roster will start with only a handful of players, reclaiming the spirits of the dead could be a clever way to unlock everyone's favorite characters.

Gamers are used to Smash Bros.' unusual modes like Super Smash Bros. Melee's All-Star Mode and Multi-Man Modes, while Super Smash Bros. Brawl took this one step further with its "Subspace Emissary" twist for Adventure Mode. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate looks to add another new addition.

It may be a dark turn for a child-friendly series like Smash Bros., but let's remember that the whole point of the games is to effectively beat the living hell out of each other. Whether saving the souls of fan-favorites like Luigi becomes a chilling new mode of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate remains to be seen, but players should keep them peeled for December 7.

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