Super Smash Bros Ultimate: How To Get World of Light's Best Ending

Getting the best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ending isn't too difficult, but since there are multiple endings in the game, choosing the right one can be confusing. Despite the fact that adding Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's 74 characters took an absurd amount of development time, Nintendo saw it fit to incorporate a story mode called World of Light. This mode can last upwards of 20 hours for anyone dedicated to playing it through to 100% completion, but the ending is what will truly leave players feeling either content or distraught when it is all said and done.

Surprisingly, World of Light features three different endings and two of them are less than smile-inducing. Some gamers may instead want to guarantee that they get the best possible ending for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's story mode, and there are a few essential things that they'll need to do in order to ensure that this happens.

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Upon reaching the build to the final battle (which is marked by a cutscene featuring both Dharkon and Galeem duking it out for control), players will be introduced to a sprawling map that is home to some of the toughest Spirit battles around. Each Spirit is a member of either the army of darkness or light, and defeating too many of one will upset the balance of the battle – which is indicated by the dark and light shades covering each side of the map.

While traversing through this segment, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players need to ensure that they are beating Spirits on both sides equally. Now, this takes a lot of work in order to achieve, but eventually they'll be able to take on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's iconic bosses Master Hand and Crazy Hand. Doing so will destroy the imposter hands and summon the real McCoys, although they are both still under the control of Dharkon and Galeem.

Defeat each hand one more time and they'll be freed from their invisible shackles and move to the top of the screen to begin working together to tear a hole in the universe. Once both hands have accomplished their task, players need to move to the top of the map by defeating several major Spirits before interacting with the newly formed rift. Users will witness Master Hand dive right into the inter-dimensional tear, and players will then assume control of the boss character for the first time in the franchise's history – as it takes on waves of cloned fighters in a battle.

After this segment has wrapped up, users will have to scale up through an enemy-infested field of platforms to take on both Galeem and Dharkon at the same time. This is where things can become challenging, as players are best off juggling their attacks between both bosses and dodging when possible. This is because the two bosses will actually attack each other when players have managed to stun one of them. Just makes sure to steer clear of Galeem or Dharkon once they have been stunned, as the other will deliver some devastating damage to the opposing side.

Once both of these villains have been defeated, the best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ending will trigger. It's not all that cheerful, truthfully, and it will leave fans with more questions about the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ending than answers, but it's certainly the brightest of the three finales by far.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arrived exclusively for Nintendo Switch on December 7, 2018.

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