Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: How to Beat Dracula

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a game about villains and heroes, dark and light, and, of course, defeating bosses like Dracula. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is mostly a game that people play with their friends, fighting each other in couch co-op, but there's also a story mode, called World of Light, that players can spend several hours getting through.

Among the many characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - some old and some new - the oldest newcomer is Dracula, the main antagonist from the Castlevania series. He joins Richter and Simon Belmont in making his first appearance in this game, over 30 years after his video game debut. He's a final boss in both Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Classic Mode (for Luigi, Pac-Man, Simon, and Richter) and in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's World of Light.

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Like Beast Ganon and Giga Bowser, Dracula has two different stages, but players will have to face both of them in World of Light, not just in Classic Mode. The stage he does battle in resembles the Dracula's Castle stage, but has no blast zones at the bottom. His new design in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is based on Casltevania: Symphony of the Night. Dracula's first stage features him in human form and he can only be hit on his head and he teleports quickly around the stage. None of his moves do massive damage, but the majority of them have large hitboxes. It's best to play a fast character against him that has decent range (the Belmonts work well here), so you can rush in with a quick aerial and rush back out of harm's way.

In the first stage, Dracula's moves take a while to hit, so use this time to prepare, either shielding or backing away. And he uses fireballs in several ways: in waves of three, in reference to his first battle in Castlevania, or rotating sets like in Aria of Sorrow. These can be outmaneuvered with a fast character or shielding. Dracula can also create pillars of flame in front and behind him, a move mimicking one from several of his boss battle appearances. As previously mentioned, Dracula's main nuisance is the speed in which he moves about the stage. His attacks must quickly be followed up by a counter-attack; otherwise he'll already be set charging up another. One of the ways he travels is by turning into bats, which has a large hitbox and deals a bunch of small hit damage. Look out for this transformation and shield appropriately.

Once Dracula's health bar reaches its end, he will transform into a second form, a beast similar to the one from Rondo of Blood. Now, thankfully, he can be hit anywhere to deal damage, so it's no longer about precise hits. Instead, this second stage is about dealing massive damage quickly and shielding. His attacks are slower but much more powerful. He can send out homing spirits and large fireballs with electric pulses, so if players are fighting him in World of Light, then the best thing to do is equip a fire resistant support spirit. Once Dracula is defeated, players can rest knowing they've defeated one of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's tougher bosses.

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