Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Will Continue For As Long As Possible

After confirming that Super Smash Bros Ultimate will receive more DLC after the current Fighters Pass, it sounds like there's a lot more to come.

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It sounds as if Nintendo has no plans in place to slow down on downloadable content for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, according to the franchise's creator Masahiro Sakurai. Nintendo's fighting game has been pushing DLC in a big way, with the most recent Smash reveal featuring Fatal Fury's Terry Bogard. While the shock of that unveiling was somewhat lessened after rumours spread of the SNK character's inclusion, it made for a fun trailer nonetheless. Fans were then given a shot in the arm when it was confirmed that even more fighters are going to be coming after the fifth mystery combatant in the current Fighters Pass.

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Speculation about just how many and who else could join the fray have been making the rounds. Some claim that Ninja Gaiden's Ryu Hayabusa is en route to Smash Ultimate, while others hope that the likes of Geno or Crash Bandicoot may be future Smashers. It's impossible to say at this point who will be chosen, but it looks like a number of additional fighters will eventually make the cut.

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Sakurai recently detailed the DLC development plans in his most recent Famitsu column (as translated by PushDustin and Kody on Twitter). Before diving into future add-on fighter plans, Sakurai provided insight into his work on the Smash series thus far.

The work ethic and passion exhibited by Sakurai is applaudable, especially given how he often places the development of Smash above even his own health. Still, he admits that it's the perfect job for him and that he is focused solely on Smash Bros for the time being–despite the fact that he's a contractor and can pursue other projects. Sakurai then outlined his current wish for Smash Ultimate, which is to continue making characters for the game for as long as possible.

The goal of building on Smash Ultimate's roster for as long as possible is a lofty one, but it's also the right one. As Sakurai rightfully points out, it's unlikely that he'll ever have this opportunity again–even if the series continues afterwards. There will always be requests from fans about new characters to add and plenty of wishes to fulfil. Even then, the opportunity to build on a game with every veteran fighter really does provide him with the chance to make the ultimate Smash Bros.

The way Sakurai talks in this translated column makes it sound as if there's no official end in sight to downloadable content for Smash Bros Ultimate. Additionally, it sounds like the focus will be placed on adding more and more new worlds to the game. That doesn't necessarily mean that characters like Waluigi can't still make the cut, but if the focus is on third parties then fans could be in for some insane crossovers in the next few years. How would everyone feel about Master Chief in Smash Bros?

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Source: Famitsu (via PushDustin & Kody)

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