Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Top 10 Characters We Want as DLC

It's hard to believe that the complete roster for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is currently sitting at 74 playable characters, but there are more characters set to join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the near future. What's more, the roster will have grown to 80 total characters by February 2020 thanks to the game's Fighters Pass (which will add five new combatants and stages to the game) and the inclusion of Piranha Plant as a freebie for Smash Ultimate players.

On top of Piranha Plant, it was confirmed that Persona 5's Joker will join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as part of the game's aforementioned Fighters Pass. This leaves four more slots open for new combatants to join the fray as DLC, which made us at Screen Rant begin to wonder just who has the best chances of joining the fight.

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If the future fighters are all as shocking as Joker and Piranha Plant then it'll be almost impossible to accurately predict what awaits fans, but that's really part of the fun. With that said, here's Screen Rant's top 10 most wanted characters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC:

10. Geno

One of the co-stars of Super Mario RPG has long been a fan-favorite for inclusion. Fortunately, fans are closer now than they have ever been to seeing it happen, as a Geno Mii costume was included as DLC in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U and he appears in Ultimate as a collectible Spirit. Since Square Enix technically owns the character and the developer is already onboard in Smash Ultimate with Final Fantasy 7's Cloud Strife as a playable fighter, Geno may finally see his day soon.

9. Banjo and Kazooie

This classic Nintendo 64 mascot has long been a desirable entrant in the Super Smash Bros. series. Having once been owned by Nintendo (which had majority ownership of developer Rare), Banjo is a character that gamers have wanted to see duke it out with Mario for years. However, despite now being owned by rival hardware manufacturer Microsoft now, this dream matchup may actually happen.

Spirits for the Rare-owned Jet Force Gemini and Blast Corps games have been found in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's code by data miners, and with Xbox head Phil Spencer giving his approval to the crossover it looks like this dream may become a reality.

8. Leon Kennedy

One of the main protagonists of the Resident Evil franchise actually has a deeper history with Nintendo than may initially meets the eye. Debuting first on the Nintendo Gamecube, Resident Evil 4 (which stars Leon Kennedy) arrived to critical praise for its over-the-shoulder camera and action-packed premise. Fast forward to 2018 and gamers are on the verge of a Resident Evil 2 Remake and a Nintendo Switch port of RE4, both of which happen to feature Leon.

With Capcom's Street Fighter and Mega Man franchises already in the mix for Smash, this is a no-brainer addition.

7. Rabbid

As a character that now finds itself intertwined with Nintendo thanks to the immense success of Mario + Rabbids Battle Kingdom on the Switch, a Rabbid would be sure to generate as much excitement as it would rage amongst core Smash Bros. players. Still, the blank palette nature of a Rabbid is exactly why it fits so well. Truthfully, there are a medley of additional reasons why a Rabbid makes sense, but a fun moveset and the opportunity to feature costumes for other Ubisoft icons like Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher and Beyond Good and Evil's Jade are just a couple of them.

6. Assassin

Perhaps a Rabbid is a little too expected given the fact that Spirits for a couple of the creatures already occupy Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and if Nintendo really wants to deliver a shocking announcement on par with Joker than an assassin from Assassin's Creed would certainly be the way to do it. The way we envision it, players would be able to rotate between selecting male and female protagonists from past Assassin's Creed titles when choosing the character – allowing them to select from a range of eight assassins including everyone from Ezio to Assassin's Creed Odyssey's Kassandra.

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